Hope Poem

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A poem about how even when things look bleak, there's always a silver lining

Submitted: May 30, 2014

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Submitted: May 30, 2014



There are times in our lives
when hope is merely a memory.
When peace and comfort 
seem completely out of grasp.
When getting out of bed 
and through the day 
is a difficult task.
When you can't remember
the last time you truly felt happy

There are times where we 
are so far in the darkness 
we no longer remember light.
Sometimes, we can see no way 
out of the long tunnel 
we have traveled down.
Sometimes, there is no salvation
from our pain and sorrow
to be found.
And sometimes we seem
to be wandering aimlessly 
in a never-ending night.

These are times 
every person on this earth
will go through.
Things that we fear
we will never be able
to get past.
Things that we believe 
will never end and 
are always going to last.
Things that we think 
will break our hearts in two.

I myself have been trapped 
in a despair that never shrunk
only grew.
But I've found the courage 
to overcome that perpetual murk.
And I've found the strength 
to dispel the misery and hurt.
Now I've found a way 
to share a ray of hope 
with you.

Take a moment of your time 
to appreciate the little things.
Enjoy the simple pleasure 
of the sun's rays on your face.
Experience the simple solace 
of a quiet, shady place.
Simply relax and listen quietly 
as the mockingbird sings.

Stand outside and let 
the clear night sky 
fill your heart with wonder. 
Stand by the sea and 
let the waves wash over your toes.
Stand by a garden and 
let the flowery aroma 
fill your nose.
Stand in the rain and 
listen to the rolling thunder.

Most of all, think about the one 
you've given all your love.
Think of their love for you 
shining from their eyes.
Think of the lingering kisses 
before your goodbyes.
And think of the way they seem 
like a gift from above.

When you're hope has run dry 
their love can end the drought.
When you're filled with pain 
their love can ease your heart.
When you're lost in despair 
their love can light the dark.
When you're drowning in sorrow 
their love can pull you out.

There will always be 
a remedy for the pain.
A ray of hope that 
shines through the clouds.
I will always help you 
free that smile 
from misery's shrouds.
And if all the world goes dark
my love for you 
will always remain.

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