A Simple Clue

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A battle has gone off in my heart and thus is the outcome with my feelings.

Submitted: November 10, 2011

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Submitted: November 10, 2011



My heart pounds while I stare at you,

yet you look away.

Why can't I get a clue?

We sit and hang out together as friends.

But here comes that pounding again.


As I lay in my bed thinking about you,

I wonder if your thinking about me too.

Why can't I get this simple clue?

And stop becoming blue.


A tear here and there falls.

I curl up into a little ball.

Why can't I get this damn clue?

And stop this feeling for you.


You smile, you laugh, you text me until you collapse. 

My pounding only grows fighting with my mind as it relapse.

Why can't I see the obvious clue?

And stop loving everything you do.


This pounding in my chest grows, 

and my only regret is that I was overcome by the flow.

Please tell me one day what my heart wishes to know

And either hold me close or let me go.

Because my heart has already begun to show.



Why can't I get this obvious simple damn clue? 



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