Fleeting Snow Love

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Just a short story of a man who gets hurt with his dealings with the black market and as he pays the price he remembers his lover who he had to leave behind for him to not get involved.

Submitted: March 10, 2013

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Submitted: March 10, 2013



The cold touched the very tips of my fingers as I held my hand up to catch the falling flakes of snow. The bitter feeling of being abandon and lost took its toll on me. Left to die with the red blossoming more upon my side. Soon the blood loss would take the light from my eyes. Yet could I even call that light in my eyes than darkness. A small chuckle left my lips. How I just wished I could return to just an hour prior to my demised. The pain stung with my small laughter.

"You were right, Yuki. I'm such an idiot."

My eyes closed to remember that person's adorable face. A young lad in his early twenties with such a spaz like matter it just came to me as adorable. His smile that would reach ear to ear when his green eyes would lock with mine. The sun seemed to always shine when I looked at him. As if he himself was the sun that brought the darkness in me to an end. Yuki loved to wear those tank shirts even if it was winter he would always wear one under his heavy clothing. His excuse was the same when I asked.

"It's to protect me from those wondering hands of yours Mako."

When he said such a thing his cheeks would crimson along with his ears. Never once did he deny me of touching him even though he loved making excuses. If I wasn't here in this snow dying I would still be beside him in that warm hotel bed snuggled up to his body and warmth. Carressing his face and enjoying his scent. And the words I said to attentionally hurt him would of never left my trembling lips. The tears that flowed from his eyes and the confused look he gave.

"It's time to end this little game, Yuki."

He stared at me hard. Trying to figure out why I saying this.

"What are you saying Mako? What game? We've been dating for a 5 months and your calling it a game?"

My dealings in the black market were coming to haunt me. The less I had to be caught with the better. In the past 5 months I would meet Yuki in secret and switch partners to lure the men tailing me off my track. If they ever captured Yuki, he would never be the same.

"Your little whims and personality just annoyingly piss me off. So I'm ending this. I've left a large sum of money in a bank account with you name. Go there to pick it up. That should cover for any blackmail you ever think of to publish to the media."

Those green pools just looked at me with disgust. Good. Hate me more. Hate me to the point you forget me, Yuki. 

"You think I would do that to you, President Alburn."

A small snort left me. Of course he would say that to sting me. I knew he would never really black mail me to anyone. The money was put there for him to use in case of an emergency. Yet I hope he would never find that out. Yuki walked closer towards me as I straighten my clothing.

"This is stupid! I don't want this to be the end! Mako!"

My eyes looked back at him then the door. This was my final goodbye. Truthfully he was the only one of my playmates I truly really loved and cared for.

"Goodbye, Yuki. Do have fun with the money. And never contact me again."

As I turned for the door and gently grasped that knobbed Yuki's crying and his words screeched my ears.


After leaving that room waiting outside the hotel were two thugs in an alley close by. Once I was approached, I knew where the end was going to be for me. If I stayed in the hotel room I wouldn't of been scouted so easily. A sigh left my lips as I complied to their demands. Traveling in a black van and wrapped in bandages around my mouth and eyes I was sitted next to two guys judging by their body warmth. My lips touched the satin bandage. Perfectly done so that I didn't scream or know where we were going huh? This wouldn't matter. Dealing with the black market was the first mistake I made in order to become the president of my rising company. The threats the gang sent were to the point if I didn't keep paying them bad things were going to happen. Yet their prices just were too outrageous for me to even carry out with the company plummeting in sales and stock. A warmth gently brushed my cheek.

"Such a waste to have to kill a beauty, but boss's orders. Hey do you think he would mind if we played with him first?"

Another voice answered the gruff voice in front of me. This one more rough than the first.

"We can't play with him Steve. Boss has another mission after him. If we're late we'll end up like him."

His fingers trembled at that notion. Guess the man that seemed like a nice fellow had a very scary side for his suborniates to feel so scared for their lives. The van stopped. What was going to happen now? A sharp pain seized in my left side.

"Well hope you have a wonderful afterlife Mr.Mako."

Next thing I knew I was shoved out of the van and onto the cold snow that fell. Laughter followed after they drove off. Moving my hands I took both blindfold and mouth bandage off. My side aching in pain. I needed to go to a hospital. Maybe if I walked there and was treated I could live life as a whole new person and start anew without the black market knowing. Yuki's face flashed before me. He wouldn't be there for me though. No more of those sun filled kisses or those lust filled nights. My heart screamed for him as did my body burn for him. The snow that touched my hot skin melted as if it too wish to be with me as Yuki had been just a few minutes ago. Turning my head about I tried to see where I was at. The white snow was blanketed on the ground to the point everything seemed to be the same. The only choice to make was to walk and hopefully make it to somewhere safe. Twenty more minutes passed and now here I was on this snowy blanket ready to be tucked in with the rest of the fallen snow. Again I closed my eyes to imagine Yuki with that sun kiss blonde hair and his eyes shinning with tears of love. Heh, if only I could hold him again and start a new life. How it was just a chance of office flirtation that made it come to the point of love like this.

"Guess this will be the end of me. My only regret I have is that I couldn't be with Yuki just a little longer."

My body became numb and the world seemed to swallow me whole. Not light seemed to come into this world. Yet something began to buzz in the atmosphere. What is that noise?


Hmm? A voice very faint. My darkness began to sprout a flower of light in front of me. A hand seem to bloom out of this flower. Tooken aback I recognized this hand. Tears welled in my dark brown eyes. This hand was...


Flittering slowly opened I saw Yuki by my side with tears flowing down his cheeks. When he met eyes with mine no words could be said at how relieved he was to seem me as I was overjoyed to see him.

"What in the world were you thinking!? You should of told me the black market was after you! I could of helped you, stupid! Never do that again! Ever!"

He held me close and just let the tears fall. I apologized and kissed his cheek.

"Yuki, will you start anew with me? In which I will never leave your side nor you leave mine."

Nodding with great speed he snuggled close to me. We took the money I left and set forward to a new world just the two of us.

The End

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