Dragon's Ancient

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

I was blessed by an ancient when I was just a babe. Throughtout my life though I felt like I was nothing but a nuisance to my family. Yet when this dark cloaked figure appears in my room with those red eyes my entire world changes and so does my heart and body. I have to learn this new world fast for something in my gut tells me war is approaching.

Table of Contents

Dragon's Ancient

I was blessed by an ancient. Yet to my brothers I'm nothing, but a problem. Read Chapter

Chapter 2: Bless or Cursed?

So you would think that since I followed my brother's order I would be out of the flames of danger. Yet here I was staring at this random black cloaked guy. Giving me orders to follow him and become something else. Why though was I blessed? Or really why was I cursed? Read Chapter

Chapter 3:Training begins!

A new world awaits me as I open my eyes. Well past the guy staring at me with his aqua blue eyes. I've come to the training grounds that my new partner name Arrow calls Ground Hell. He acts like he is very knowledgable in this new world that I've enter so I'll listen to him. Yet the weirdo creep that talks in my head. I'll never call him my lover like Arrow tells me he is. Read Chapter

Chapter 4: Summoning

This is deffiantly not a cake-walk. Where did Arrow disappear off to!? And how come the only real assistance I was getting was from my so called lover? I mean caretaker? Read Chapter

Chapter 5: Lovers, huh?

We arrived at a nearby falls when Kaito began to strip as he pleased. WHAT THE!? I turned sharply to give him some damn privacy. "Qui... Read Chapter

Chapter 6: A Pounding Feeling

We left after the qucik swim. Kaito flew ahead of me as we made our way back to Ground Hell. Arrow stood side by side with a taller muscl... Read Chapter

Chapter 7: Desperate Crave

What was happening to me? My body temperature was rising and my mind could only thing of one thing. It wanted Kaito. BADLY!? My eyes look... Read Chapter