My Greatest Sin

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I talk about my most biggest sin I've committed and how it unfolded.
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Submitted: April 09, 2017

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Submitted: April 09, 2017



I was 15 years old when this happened. I have never told anyone about what I saw and what I felt. It’s been 5 years since this happened and I’m now 20 years old just about to turn 21. I don’t know if I should be writing this but I just must write it down. Should I be posting this on a website, probably not but here it is.

I was at camp for a school trip. The area wasn’t that big and the cabins only went from numbers 1 to 15, we were young so it was big enough for use anyway. The boys and girls didn’t have separate cabins but us boys needed to leave the cabin when they were getting changed. We got to decide who was in each cabin, so most people just filled it up with friends and people we know. I was with my best friend, crush and twin sister. I didn’t want to sleep in the same area as my crush but my sister was her friend and she knew I liked her anyway. My friend asked me every morning if I played with myself that night because I was 15 years old and sleeping next to my crush that was only 1 meter away, he was always joking and he always made me smile. I’ve known him since I was 10 years old and we always hanged out, inside and outside of school. The only thing I didn’t really like about him is that he had a crush on my sister and it made me always keep an eye on him when all three of us were together. I didn’t care if he eyed her up because in my opinion she didn’t have that good of a body, she had a flat chest and an okay ass but that was just because I was her brother.

On the sixth day at camp me and my friend was walking back from the archery range. When I was walking, I saw a small flash of light that made me stop. I looked at my friend asking if he saw that but his eyes were fixed on something. I looked in the direction he was facing and ask him what he was looking at, he pointed at a bush that was climbing up the side of the dining hall and with a scared voice said, “I think I just saw someone”, It made me freak out and I went sprinting to the bush and pushed it to the side, nothing or no one was there. I looked back at my friend that was running to catch up to me, he was really surprised and then rested his hand on my shoulder. Through the whole day, he always stared at me with curiosity, but during a wood carving session he asked me how I just causally sprinted over without being scared about what could have happened, I never gave him an answer and went straight back to the carving. After the session, I saw him slip two carving knifes in his pocket, as we were walking away I asked him why he took them, he took one out of his pocket and handed it over to me, he said it was if I saw the guy with the camera again. My feet were frozen in place I thought back to the flash of light and then remembered girls our age walking in front of us. I started to think about it and then it came to me, if there was really a guy with a camera then he was stalking the girls our age. This made me sick and put ugly thought in my mind, they weren’t thoughts the girls but of my sister. I couldn’t stop thinking about what if this person was stalking my sister.

My friend and I pretended we got injured while we were in the lake, we did this so we could keep a eye on my sister and crush. Through most of that day people called us perverts and weirdos for always going where the girls went, for most 15 year olds this would-be hell, this could destroy what people thought of us through the next couple of years of school but that wasn’t on our mind, that didn’t even cross our minds. We always looked behind us and sat at a spot where we could get a good look of the area around where the girls were. We didn’t see anything that whole day but it didn’t make us feel any better. That night we kept the knifes under our pillows and it was hard to sleep. Nothing happened for the next couple of days but we always kept out eyes open and our reputation got worse, but then hell happened on the last night. My friend fell asleep really fast on the last night but I always kept my eyes open just in case he came in. I made the right decision but it still didn’t help out, it just made me feel worse for the next couple of years of my life.

I was facing the wall that was closest to me because it helped me sleep, but as I was about to get drowsy I heard the door slide open. My body froze instantly and all I could do was move my eyes. I heard someone spring up from off the bed but then instantly got pushed back down. I heard muffled screams of a young boy that instantly changed to crying. I knew something was happening to my best friend of 5 years and because of that all I could do was turn his way. When I turned I was a large black figure coving my friends mouth with his hand, he was struggling to get away from him but then just gave up, by that point I already felt powerless, I felt weak and scared like any normal person would but then I saw if, my friend was staring right into my eyes with a look of abandonment, he knew I was awake and he knew I was watching everything unfold. At this point I would have felt betrayed if my friend pointed me out and told the figure I was watching, but he didn’t. Tears ran down his face and it made me feel sick, then I realized the figure was stabbing him with my friends carving knife over and over. The sound was like if someone was stabbing a fresh slab of meat. I stared into my friend’s eyes in fear until he slowly died right before me. The figure got up and made his way to the bed at the end of the room, my crush was sleeping there and it made me want to jump up and save her, but she was just my crush. The told myself that if I tried to stop him I would die, and because of that why would it matter. I decided to just stay lying there the rest of the night, and let it play out until I heard muffled screams, and it wasn’t my crush I look the way of where the screams were coming from and I was the man on top of my sister. She had her own panties stuffed in her mouth, so she didn’t make any loud noises. I was trying my hardest to get up I couldn’t I just needed a little push, and that push came. The figure said to my sister in a quiet voice “Let’s take these off”, I could hear the man starting t unbutton my sister’s PJ’s as she was struggling to get free, because of those words I jumped out of my bed and rushed over to the bed. I jabbed the man in the ear with my carving knife, he let out a loud, painful scream that woke up everyone in every dorm. I was just going to leave him lying there as he was covering his blood leaking ear. I took a look at my sister and saw her breasts popping out from her PJ’s, I could also see my sister’s privates, she wet herself and because of that it made her pants see through. I picked up the blood covered knife and sat of the man’s stomach, I repeatedly stabbed him in the chest over and over. Students and Teachers stoop at the open door of the cabin. A teacher rushed over to stop me but I pushed him away with all my strength, just thinking about this man looking at my 15-year-old sisters naked body made me not want to stop. After repeatedly stabbing the man 50 times I ran out of strength and passed out.

I woke up at a hospital, my family was sitting around my bed waiting for me to wake up. I looked around to see if my sister was around, I her clenching my hand with all her strength. She was the only one awake and once she saw me staring at her, she leaped onto me with tears running down her face, everyone around me woke up with a fright but once they saw me they all started to tear up. People call me a hero for what I did and others called me a psychopath, I wanted to be called a psychopath much more than a hero. I never told anyone that I just laid there as I watched my friend get stabbed repeatedly, not even my sister. We moved schools several times after this but every school I went to knew about me, and I didn’t care what they said about me but people would always tease my sister when I wasn’t around and I couldn’t stand that feeling. My crushed texted me and tried to call me multiple times but I always ignored her, I didn’t want to know what she thought of me after what happened that day.

I know live with my wife and two children in New Zealand, I have a daughter and a son, my son is older by one year and I always made sure he kept an eye on his younger sister. My sister became a famous writer and lives in our home town in California. I wrote this because I wanted to people to know the true story of what happened. This is most likely not going to even get that big, but even if one person reads this, I know that someone will know my biggest sin I have ever done.

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