World of White Emptiness

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A poem I made for my English class. A bit of a rush job because I procrastinate, but this is what I got. Enjoy.

In a world where there is nothing but white
There are no seasons, no sun, nor night
A girl stands alone, a white dress she wore
She thinks about a world she will most definitely adore.

Looking up to the empty sky, she imagines blue
Skies with clouds, but that will never be true
Because in this world, there is nothing
But a girl lost in her dreams about desperately leaving.

Then one day the girl caught a glimpse
Of something black, like an eclipse!
She ran towards it, with a feeling of happiness
To notice a boy about her age, nothing less

Surprised, she stared at him blankly,
She thought she was the only one here eternally.

The boy placed headphones on her head
And took out an mp3 player and placed it in her hand.
He smiled sweetly, and extended his hand to her
Saying, "Turn on the music, take my hand,
And let's leave this cruel world."

**Thanks for reading.**

Submitted: March 04, 2010

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