A Soldiers Cry

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Inspired by a soldier who went on trial for rejecting the call to war, however i cannot take full credit for this for this was written by both me and my sister who is 16, If anyones offended by it in any way I'm sorry, I'll leave you to judge it for yourself........

Submitted: July 06, 2007

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Submitted: July 06, 2007



Why do I Have to see your blaming eyes
My love, my love
As you turn away from me?

Baby, please, look at me
I need you to say that you believe in me
I kiss your forhead and tell you your strong
Feel your grip tighten on my uniformed arm
I touch the tense muscles that run down your back
Don't you believe in my promise that I'll be back?
Baby I understand your pain and your strife
You never planned to be a military wife....
You know i wished that I could stay
Baby, please don't go and look at me that way
Eyes so accusing, lips barely moving
You're like a rock that won't react to my soothing
I tell you this is the last time I'll leave you and the family
You close your eyes because you don't believe me...
You say it's just the same thing evry time
You're stuck alone with work while i put my life on the line
You've grown up so strong, you've had to grow up too fast
whatever happened to the carefree girl of the past?
You say you wish you knew, you wish you knew...
How all the precious moments, they just flew...
What can I say to make you smile?Before I'm gone for such a god-damn while....
Baby I just wanna say I love you
And hear you say you love me too...
Wish i don't have to see your blaming eyes...
My love, my love
But its all i have, it all i have

Why do i have to see your trusting face
my son my son
As you tell me goodbye?

Son i can barely look at you
cause if i gaze too long i'll never be able to leave you
you grin at me with those big black eyes
You're such a big boy now, you hardly ever cry
you nod your head solemnly and tell me that I'm your hero
Promise to obey mommy 'cause i say so
"Don't worry," you say, "We'll play catch next week"And all i can do is look down at my feet
You believe that I'll be gone for just a few nights
Wish i could materalize that beautiful lie....
"Daddy," you say, "I wanna grow up just like you!"
"Son," I want to say, "I'd cry if you do..."
Because I'd never wish my life on an enemy of mine
Mush less my son- my love divine
What kind of life is this where you leave the ones that you love?
To experience terrors of war and mistakes of the gov.
you're a growing boy, but you know nothing of war
And I don't want to leave you for it anymore
This is your childhood, when you need your dad
So what am I doing, all camouflage-clad?
You're so innocent now, but if you ever thought
Of the numbers your daddy has shot...
What would you say if you knew i had blood on my hands?
The same hands that you hold when you laugh or dance?

Wish i didn't have to see your trusting face
My son, my son
but its all i have, its all i have

Why do i have to hear your tormented voicecaptain, captain
As you curse this lie you have to lead

YOu are such a strong, brave old man
You preside over our troops with a steady hand
Stern and commanding, but with a twinkle in your eye
you tell us to fight until we die
You command such respect; you make us want to serve you
Do our best just to impress you
So imagine my shock that night I pass by your tent
To hear you moaning to yourself and ranting out in a vent
Gives me chills to hear such a strong man cry
Because he is a helpless accomplice to our governments lies
You ask yourself, "What are we but toys,
that the president can use for his own pride and joys?"
You don't believe in this war or its cause
And yet you must lead us on without pause
How can you live with such contradiction?
How must it hurt to uphold the patriotic conviction!
But once in the military, there's no way out
you can't afford to be called a traitor, a terrorists scout
So you nod in praise when we capture an enemy's town
You smile on the surface, but way deep down
you ask yourself, "Why am i in this forsaken place?"
Yet you must appear strong, for our sake
We're just obedient troops, following in your wake

Wish I don't have to hear your tormented voice....
Captain, captain,
But it's all i have, it's all i have

  Why do i have to hear your pleading cries
My child, my child
As you beg for mercy

Black eyes, curls as dark as night
you sneak through our camp as the soldiers fight
I'm on duty, but you take the risk
To steal from us with your little fists
Village girl, no more than five
Just another fighter, trying to survive
You need to eat you need to drink
But don't you know, you can't use your enemies sink?
When i see you sliding through our troops food and loot
What choice do i have but to shoot?
Oh God I miss, but I hear your scream
And now my hearts pumping in an andrenaline dream
On impulse I chase after you and your cries
Only God is to say who lives or dies
It's drilled in my head, if not you, then me
So I aim and shoot again, in self-defense u see?
Forget that you're weaponless, a twisted fate
Years of killing is a hard habit to break
So ,"Bam!" goes the gun, and I've silenced the cry
And then i crumble on my knees, and scream, "Why god, why?!"
What monster have I become, to kill a child?
A child like my son just a bit more wild?
But what's done is done what can I do?
How many have I shot for the red, white, and blue?
Oh how I need to get out of this terrible war
I don't want to kill in god's name anymore

Wish I don't have to hear your pleading cries...
My child, my child
but it's all I have, it's all I have

but its all I have, it's all I have

  Please tell me why.........

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