Boredom Strikes back

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a very short story that popped out of nowhere after a long, tiring bible study class.........have to warn you though, this story might lead to nowhere

Submitted: June 25, 2008

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Submitted: June 25, 2008



Boredom is everywhere. That is what young Christien Walcott always think. A fair-looking guy of seventeen, Chris is the most sought-after person in their campus. Everyone knows that he's good at everything, and his teachers will always say, "You have a bright future to look at, Chris." He's always praised by his peers and family, and those praises started to rub on him. He started to become a laid back, I-don't-care guy and his teachers seem to worry about his sudden change of attitude. He had stopped striving to be the best and started to lounge about idly. His elder sister, Riane, always tell him to pull himself together and be useful to others. Chris would only reply to her, "What's the use of being useful to others if I'm not useful to myself? I can't even find a single thing to make me feel an adrenaline rush or something like that."

Riane would only sigh, "Chris, you really should stop thinking like that. You are going to be useful to yourself if you're going to help yourself first."

"Yeah? Like how, my dear sister? Why don't you tell me what I can do to make myself useful to myself? You seem to know everything." Chris will retort.

"I can do without sarcasm, Chris."

"I know, sis. But I can also do without your preaching. Now, will you please move to somewhere else? I'm trying to observe the clouds -- in silence."

And now, lying on top of their roof on a lazy Saturday morning, Chris gazed idly on the clouds that moves by, wondering what he'll do next. He continued on to wonder, until it was sunset. He only realized that he was up there all day and had nothing to eat when his stomach complained of being empty. Bemused, he went down and went to the kitchen to find food. And as he eat, he wondered what he'll do next...

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