Coldness on the Night We Part

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this idea popped out of my mind when me and my bf were talking about ending everything between us for now or ever...i remember crying much on just the thought and more on it when we talked....if you ever happen to read this...this is a tribute to you....and thanks..for the memories we shared...:D

Submitted: April 27, 2008

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Submitted: April 27, 2008



I know how much you love me

And I know you know how much I care for you

But even then, things didn't go the way we wanted it to be

As we sit together, leaning on each other's back

looking up at the beauty of the night sky,

that is when we said our parting words.

It hurts like hell, but there's nothing both of us can do

but to hold on, to stand upright as if it's nothing

when deep inside, our hearts are bleeding and crying.

If only you know that I wanted to die right at that moment

to throw myself off to hell...

But by your words, I hold on strong.

And as we said our goodbyes, I tried to held back my tears

but they ran down unchecked. I brushed them away and

we both walked on our own ways...

And we have promised that we won't look back as we walk...

But I'm sorry...

I just can't help it....

I looked back at you and watched you walk away...

And the sudden coldness of the night chilled me to the bone

accompanied by the coldness without you...

I continued on my way, tears falling uncheck...

Like the rain that started to fall...

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