Friendship to Courtship

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They met in a party....realizing they were childhood sweethearts

Submitted: August 06, 2008

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Submitted: August 06, 2008



It was one hell of a night for everyone, especially to seventeen-year-old Rose von Blood. She never had experienced anything like it before, for she was always forced to attend formal gatherings of the aristocrats. She had never experienced a normal party life with anyone she's close with. Being a member of the nobilities, she has to present a prim and proper attitude towards other people and let the rules of the nobility dictate her life until her death day. And as she looked around the crowded place with people whom she don't know, Rose wondered if it was the right thing to do to run away from her caretaker just to attend a party that mainly consists common people. She had a hard time to escape and now, she's doubting her decision of running away.

"I made this decision so that I can experience what it's like to be normal." she said to herself. "So I have to make the best of it."

"I beg your pardon?" a nearby woman asked. Rose blushed crimson.

"It's nothing. I was just talking to myself." Rose stammered. She bowed lightly and left, feeling stupid. She went to the outside garden where there were the moon shines. It was a beautiful moon. Rose stared at it for a long time, not aware of the person that had sidled up beside her, with a martini in hand. He was a young man of twenty-four, with average built body and light brown hair that falls gently above his round hazel eyes. He looks like from the common blood but there's something in the air that suggests that he's not, especially with the tone of his voice. It was mild and gentle, not like those other people inside the house.

"It's a beautiful night isn't it?"

Rose jerked from her reverie and turned to look at him. He was smiling at her, a gentle smile that had Rose blushing again. She quickly averted her eyes away from his, afraid that she might faint. His eyes were the most gentle eyes she had ever since in her entire life, and no other eyes like his were to be found in the high courts or in the common.

"You are not from around here, aren't you, milady?" he asked again, watching her lightly. Rose looked at him, afraid that he somehow knew who she really is. Is he also from the nobility she had interacted with for the past several years.

"I---" Rose started but the man only smiled at her, assuring her she's not yet busted.

"I am Aurelien Leblanc." he said, bowing slightly. "I assume you are the Lady Rose von Blood?"

Rose looked around to see if anyone is watching them. Assured that no one's watching, she turned to look at him again and nodded.

"How did you come by here, milady?" he asked gently.

"Firstly, please stop calling me like that." Rose said. "I don't want anyone else to know that I'm from the nobility."

"As you wish, Rose."

"And second, who are you? How did you recognize me? Who sent you here?"

"Ah...Rose, have you forgotten that young boy you used to play with when you're locked up at the manse alone with your servants?"

"That little boy who will always sneak into my room full of surprises...?"

"Yes, milady."

"You mean.....that was you?"

"The very same." Aurelien said with a sweet smile. "I have been keeping an eye on you ever since you moved away from the manse. I've watched your every move, and had kept you away from harm."

Rose blinked. "You...sound like...a stalker..." She started backing away, but Aurelien shook his head.

"It was under orders of my uncle, Rose." he said. "He knew that someone wants you dead and so under the disguise of a young merchant lord, I've watched you."

In a smooth movement, Aurelien took out a mask and put it on. Rose blinked in amazement as she remembered that masked face of that young merchant lord she'd been dancing with ever since she was introduced formally to the nobility as Lady von Blood. She remembers the warm touch of his hands, his smooth movement, his sweet smile. Rose shook the infatuation off to regain her composure.

"Who is your uncle?" she asked. "And how did he know that someone wants me dead..?"

"He's the Duke of Ardeign, milady." Aurelien said. "He's in charge of your safety, and since he's too busy, he gave me the job personally."

Rose only stared at him. How could they play with her like that? She started towards him, wanting to give him a slap on the face, but Aurelien had anticipated it and grabbed hold of Rose's wrist.

"I know you're angry at me, and to my uncle, somehow, but it won't help the two of us." he said, almost apologetically. Rose freed her wrist and left the place.

It was after how many weeks after that, when Rose was busy finishing her crocheted scarf of pink and red hue, that an unexpected visitor came to the palace.

"My lady Rose, there is someone who's asking for an audience with you." one of their servants said. "I know you don't like being disturbed and all...but it was a matter of importance..."

Rose sighed, lowering her needles. "It's like as if I could help it if it's that way. Who is it?"

"It is the Duke of Ardeign and his heir, my lady."

The Duke of Ardeign? Rose blinked. It rings a bell, yet she can't remember where she had heard it. She told the servant to let them come to the garden. When the Duke of Ardeign came into view, with his heir, Rose remembered that night at the party. She suddenly stood up with a wide eye expression.

"You!" she said, looking directly at the Duke's heir. "How dare you show your face to me again!"

The Duke looked at the young man behind him. "The two of you have met already in personal terms...?"

"Yes, Uncle." the young man replied. "In a personal and private terms...she was doing...something...naughty." The young man smiled at Rose. Rose kept her cool and reminded herself that she's a noble with a reputation to take care of. She asked them what they needed from her.

" is my nephew who have a business with you." the duke said. "I'll leave the two of you alone. I beg your leave."

When the duke has left, Rose looked at the young man in front of her.

"It's Aurelien, is it not?"

"I'm happy that you remembered."

"What do you want?"

Aurelien came close to her, took her left hand before she could react and sank down on one knee. Without breaking eye contact, he asked, "Will my lady consent on marrying me? I can offer a little more apart from a devout heart and unending love, if you'll demand anything."

Rose blinked. "Are you mocking me?"

"Do I look like I'm joking?"

"To be honest, yes..."

"Then, let me tell you that I'm not."

"And how can you be so sure that I'll accept you?"

"Because I have a feeling that you will."

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