"I'll always be with you, no matter what"

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No matter how long it had been, first true love that had been separated will always find each other and in the end, after all the trials, will live together..forever..

Submitted: June 09, 2008

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Submitted: June 09, 2008



Somewhere in the Queen's province, stood a small house with a large garden. Large old oak trees grew near the house, with small bushes of myrtles in bloom. The house is not far off the forest where the Great Lake lies, and is the only house in the vicinity. Other houses were far off the place, and takes ten minutes to reach the nearest village. Living in that house was a young man of his late twenties. He has short light brown hair and fair skin. He wore a white button-down shirt and black sable pants, with no slippers on. His name is Rollo Rosenberg, the heir to the Rosenberg Duchy.Wheel-chaired bound, he is the youngest of the three sons to the main family, and the only son who has yet to marry. Though his mother had introduced many girls to him for over the years, he never really had fallen in love with any of them. Sure, he can easily woo any woman, but the feeling of love isn't there. Because there is only one girl that had held his heart for over the years...

"Thinking of someone?" a voice said behind Rollo. Rollo raised his head, but didn't bother to look.

"When did you get here, Jacques?" he asked. "And why are you here?"

"I just arrived." Jacques replied. "And I'm here to look after you, remember?" Rollo only gave a half smile. Dieudonne Jacques Rosenberg, Rollo's older brother and caretaker. Jacques was appointed to be his caretaker because their mother told him to. Their mother is afraid to take someone they don't know to look after Rollo. Jacques always annoy his brother whenever he has the chance, but in truth, Jacques really care for him. He wondered what he can do to help his little brother. He took the handles of the wheelchair and steered Rollo away from the glass door.

"So what's on your mind?" Jacques said as he led Rollo's wheelchair to the dining room. "You seem to be daze and out of sorts."

"I was thinking of someone..." Rollo said quietly. Jacques looked at him. He stoppped the wheelchair and took a lemonade juice out of the refrigerator. He poured the two of them a glass of it.

"And who that might be?" Jacques inquired, handing the glass to Rollo who took it and drank from it.

"I don't know." Rollo said sadly. "I can see her face and see her smile, hear her voice. But I don't know her name. She looks like someone I know, or have been with in the past...but I can't remember her name."

A girl, Jacques thought. Maybe that girl is the answer to Rollo's zero lovelife.

"If you want, I'd contact one of my acquaintances." Jacques said thoughtfully. "She's a good artist, so maybe if you describe that girl you're thinking, we can have a picture of her. Who knows, I might get someone to name her."

"Thanks, Jacques." Rollo said gratefully. "I'd appreciate it."

"Don't mention it." Jacques said. "But all her expenses will be in your account, not in mine."

"...that was tad unnecessary to do..." Rollo said with a grimace. "Why in my account? You're the one who summoned her here."

"Well, you're the one who wanted her here."

"Oh fine...where is she coming from anyway? I don't want my purse to be sliced open wide."

"You're such a cheapsake." Jacques pouted. "Don't worry. She's around from here. Migrated some years ago. I'd call her now so that she'll be here by tomorrow afternoon, if she doesn't have any works to do that is." Jacques left Rollo and went to the living room. He took the phone and dialled her number, waiting for her to answer. They were halfway through the conversation when he heard a crash of breaking glass. Jacques hung up immediately without saying goodbye and went to the dining room.

"What on earth are you doing, Rollo?" Jacques said, alarmed. He looked down at the shards of broken glass and spilled lemonade.

"Sorry Jacques." Rollo said. "My eyesight is failing....rapidly."


"You worried me." a woman gasped as she dragged her heavy messenger bag. "Why did you suddenly hung up like that yesterday?"

Jacques only looked at the woman standing in front of him, out of breath and sweaty. She has shoulder-length black hair, with hints of green highlights at the end of her hair. Her small, round brown eyes were filled with worry. Jacques took her bag and led her into the living room.

"How did you get here that fast?" Jacques asked, setting her bag down.

"Be careful with that bag." the woman said. "My tools are in it." Jacques blinked at her and did as he was told. The woman sank down on the sofa, lifitng the stress off her shoulders. "I came here as soon as you hung up that phone yesterday. I threw everything I needed in that bag, took the next bus here and ran here as fast as I can."

"You could've just ridden a carriage here..." Jacques said. "I can't imagine you running like hell through that dusty road to here with this heavy bag of yours."

"Because I was worried what had happened." she said. "So, where's the person who wanted me here?"

"Do we have a visitor, Jacques?" Jacques heard Rollo called from the hallway. The woman looked and saw the wheel-chaired bound Rollo and surprise was etched on her face. Jacques saw this and wondered if she knew his younger brother. He went to meet his brother and brought him to his visitor.

"This is my younger brother, Rollo." Jacques said. "Rollo, this is the person I've been telling you yesterday. She's Syrene Le Doux."

"Syrene..." Rollo whispered. It rings a bell, yet he's not sure where he had heard it before. Syrene looked at Jacques inquiringly about Rollo's condition. Jacques sighed and went over to her and whispered to her ear so that Rollo can't hear. Syrene's eyes widened, tears filling it up. Jacques wondered why she's affected by it greatly or just pitying his brother's condition.

"Why did this happen...?" Syrene whispered to herself tearfully.

"Syrene...do you happen to know...my brother?" Jacques said in an undertone. Holding back the tears, she nodded.


Syrene took a private moment with Rollo alone at the balcony that same day, with her art equipments. She took her time looking at him, wondering why he doesn't recognize her.

"Is something the matter?" Rollo asked her kindly. Syrene blinked and blushed.

"Oh...it's nothing...don't mind me." Syrene replied hastily. Rollo smiled.

"I figure you'd be blushing right now, out of embarassment, being caught staring at someone for too long." Rollo said. When Syrene didn't reply, Rollo added, "You see, my eyes...are not useful anymore...they..have been failing and yesterday...it gave out..."

"That means..." Syrene said slowly. "You're..."

"Yes. I'm blind now." Rollo said. "But it's nothing to worry. I have always been blind ever since I lost her."

Syrene didn't bother to ask who that person was, and instead became all business-like. "So...about that thing that made your brother send for me."

"Ah...yes...I heard that you're a great artist..." Rollo said. "I would have appreciated it if I could still see...but I guess you might as well."

Rollo described the girl he always see in his mind and Syrene draw silently beside him, asking a question or two on the process. It didn't take long for the two of them to have the finish product. Syrene couldn't believe her eyes. It was as if she had drawn herself when she was still young.

"She's.....she's beautiful..." Syrene sighed. Rollo smiled.

"I wish I could see what you're seeing." Rollo mused. "For my memory of her seems to have faded over the years. I always see her in my dreams, in my arms, laughing with me, smiling at me. It was in her eyes that I feel loved and important."

"Is that...so..." Syrene said softly. She went over to him, placed a hand on his cheek. "She looks perfect for you."

Rollo touched her hand, surprised at her sudden affection. Her hand was small, warm against his cheek. No other woman had touched him like that, and he felt like they were connected, bounded by something. Later that night, Rollo insisted that Syrene spend the night with them, or maybe even a week, since he's bored with his older brother's company. In the end, Jacques said, "Then why don't you take her as your caretaker here? I do have a family to look after all. The two of you are both single so what's wrong with getting know with each other? Who knows, maybe the two of you are made for each other."

"Jacques, you shouldn't say that." Syrene said. "Someone has his heart already."

"A girl from a vague memory. Oh boy..." Jacques said. "You look like that girl, Syrene. So why the bother?"

"Really?" Rollo said. "Syrene looks like that girl?"

"Very." Jacques said, earning a cute pout from Syrene. "Well, I'll leave the two of you alone now."


"I'm intrigued." Rollo said when they were alone in his room. Syrene looked at him. "Ever since Jacques said that you look like that girl, I wish I still have my eyesight right now, to see you."

Syrene blinked at him. She went over him and helped him change his clothes. "You really don't want to see me right now. I'm a wreck."

"Had your heart broken?" Rollo asked.

"..something like that." Syrene said softly. She ran a hand through his hair, then helped him out of his wheelchair to his bed.

"Will you stay here with me for a while?" Rollo said, holding out a hand to Syrene, who took it into hers and sat down beside him.

"You are such a baby." she teased.

"I remember a girl saying that to me once." Rollo said with a smile. "The very same girl you drew."

"Oh..." Syrene was silent for a moment, before she leaned his head to her shoulder, and wrapped her arms around him. "Why don't you go to sleep? I'm sure you're tired."

"..maybe you're right.." Rollo said sleepily. "You're like a mother you know..."

"I know..now go to sleep. I'll watch over you."

"I really wanted to see her...that girl...I wanted to know who she is in my life...before I leave..."

"Hush..don't say such things..."


Several months later, Jacques went to Rollo with news that didn't really appealed to him but was forced to accept it.

"Is something the matter?" Rollo asked.

"Yes." Jacques said. "I don't know if it'll make you happy or not, but someone is generous enough to donate their eyes to you."

"...really? That's good news!" Rollo said cheerfully. "I can see again...see Syrene's portrait of that girl...and see her personally."

Jacques balled his hands to fist. "Yes...you will..."

"I must thank that person...do you know who it is?"

"...No...I'm sorry." Jacques said. "The donator wanted to be annonymous."


"The operation will be a week from now. I told mother and father already. They're both happy for you."


Jacques stood outside the operating room, staring as if in daze. Just how many weeks ago, that donator came to them and saw Rollo's condition and somehow lifted the gloomy air that surrounded Rollo for the past few years. And now, that same person is in there, sacrificing what was given to her. He tried to talk her out of it, but it seems like her mind is set. And so, he had no choice but to let her do what she wants.

After a few hours of operation, the transplant was successful. Rollo was placed in a recovery room with his brother, thick bandages over his eyes. The doctor said he could take the bandages off and see the world again after a few weeks. Rollo asked the doctor who was his donor, but the doctor refused to answer. Instead, he gave Rollo a picture of the donor, and let him see for himself who it was.

Weeks passed and the doctor took Rollo's bandages off and let him test his eyes. Things were blurred at first, but when he focused them, things became clearer. A smile spread over Rollo's face for he can see again, even if he's still wheelchair-bound. He looked at Jacques who wears a sad smile.

"What's wrong, Jacques?" Rollo said. "You seem not happy with me able to see again."

"Because I'll miss the days when I took care of you." Jacques said with sarcasm, but he smiled. "I'm happy that I'll not serve as your eyes again."

"Oh don't be a baby, Jacques. You will still take care of me." Rollo rummaged around his pocket for the picture that was given to him after the operation. He looked at the picture and was surprised to see that it was a girl, somewhere around Jacques age. Her smile was enchanting, her hair a deep black. She looks like the girl who was in his dreams months ago. He turned to look at Jacques who handed him the artwork that was made by Syrene.

"They look the same." Rollo said slowly. "There might be some difference, but they almost look identical. Jacques, what does this mean?"

The doctor and Jacques looked at each other. The doctor motioned for Rollo to turn the picture over and read the message from the donor.

To Rollo,

I know you don't really remember me,having been only introduced some months ago, but I knowyou feel that attachment we had together when I looked over you that night.I may have kept some secrets from you, yet it was for your own good.That girl in your dreams that you told me about...it was me when we were younger.Don't you remember? I was your first girlfriend, the one who can't really let go of you.And now, after so many years, I thought you're married, but when I saw you...my heart broke.I tried to be brave for your sake, I didn't cry when we were together. But when I got home, I cried lots. I persuaded Jacques to let me be your eye donor. And I hope you find my eyes, which had seen a lot of beautiful things, useful. Don't worry. I'm okay where I am right now. Remember, I'm always with you, no matter what.



Rollo looked dumbstruck. So that explains the warmth he felt whenever she touch him, hold him. She still loved him, even if he had pained her some years ago. He looked at Jacques for confirmation.

"Is this true?" he demanded. "Syrene? She's--"

"Yes, Rollo." Jacques said. "It took me quite a while to remember, but yes, it's true."

"Where is she?" Rollo said. "Where is Syrene?"

"Rollo...I'm sorry...she...in able to donate her eyes..."

Rollo felt his eyes fill with tears. "No...not now...not when I remember...not when I can see again..."

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