One Winged Angel

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The title is a tribute to my favorite Final Fantasy character, Sephiroth, though the content is a bit different...

Submitted: April 20, 2008

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Submitted: April 20, 2008



I was born in this mundane world of man

And I soon realized that I am not the same as them

That I am special...

Upon my back

White wings sprout like those of a cherubim,

of those angels who sings praises to Him...

But I notice my difference from them...

I only have one wing, and with it

I cannot fly high and join them to see the wonders of the earth beneath me.

Wherever I go, they make fun of me because of my wings

Man sees me as a monster as the cherubims see me as a curse.

I long for affection

I long for love

I seek it everywhere in vain

for that person who symphatizes with me...

And that day came

when I met him just down the street

looking idly at nothing, his eyes clear of worries.

And when he looked at me,  I felt the warmth I've been longing for.

I wanted to approach him

To stay with him even for a while

To feel that I am needed and special to someone.

And he noticed me looking at him with longing

He approached me slowly, extending a friend hand

oblivious to my wings;

I tried to reach out to his hand, when I felt my strength leaving me...

And soon I realized the law of my kind, which hovers between man and angel...

A clipped angel who had sought affection and found it

will be no more...

Will vanish from the very face of the earth without any trace of existence..

Except to that person who had given to us what we sought...

And their life will continue on...

With us in their memories until they die...

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