the first noel

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An non-optimistic short story for the new year.. .

Lonely I’m more lonely.. l have nobody for my own…
its new year's eve, and Wilson spending it in his apartment watching the new year eve celebration from tv as long as he could remember now for many years… Waiting for a call from a forgotten friend to ask him for celebrating  the night together just before he remembered that he has none..he is just lying on the sofa, changing the channels.. thinking in the different way that his life could have gone if he acted differently… if he had the courage to ask that girl out before she  getting married to the muscled Barry Levine… and other man… and another many choices that he made and lead him to this Disgusting
cold  night .. .. the windows were whippingdrops  of rains, so calm night as it was just the sound of the fire and that creepy took take of the watch and  poor Wilson just trying to convince himself to get sleep while resisting that cruel need of ending his miserable life by that cold pistol on table oh, he know every detail of it, just after the cunning man jaguar told him “ take this boy and free yourself from this boring filthy life “.. he spends days and night staring at it imagines what would be like.. the feeling of that, doing something he knew that no one of the people he knew did it before ,finally he will be the topic of their talking , they will talk a for days and weeks about that mysterious  man who shut himself or better getting killed …its more interesting …(4 minutes every body until 2019 and now we leave you with “ the first noel song “
((they looked up and saw a star shinning in the east behind them  far ))

Submitted: January 01, 2019

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