A Kengetsu-ie Day (Part 2)

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Part 2 in a Kengetsu-ie Day, enjoy.

Submitted: November 28, 2011

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Submitted: November 28, 2011



Kengetsu peeked into the Six's Squad barracks looking for Byakuya. Nope. Bya-chan isn't here. she thought. Maybe Renji's here? No wait he's possible with Bya-chan's sister, Rukia. Or with Bya-chan himself?Ah forget it. I'll just mess something up. That's fun! Not.

She stood up  and walked in. She looked around, and saw that it was very, very, clean. Cleaner than her barracks, and her's were very clean. But not "very, very, clean".

I could copy their barracks and make ours look exactly like this. she thought with a slight smile. She started to reach for a book on a bookself. I could pull all of these out... she thought. She grabbed the book and just as she opened it too see what was in it, someone spoke, "What are you doing, Kuran?"

She dropped the book and spun around to see Byakuya, himself, standing there with hes emotionaless face again. "I just came to find a book that none of the other squad barracks had," she lied.

"We all have the same books, and besides, shouldn't you be taking care of your Lieutenant?"

She felt her face become red. Since she forgot that they all had the same books."Uh...well we lost one. So I came to see if your squad had it- and I don't need to. I can take care of Shuhei if I want or need to."

"Why didn't you visit squad nine or ten? They're closer."

Shit, she thought.

"They were...uh...busy. Yes busy!"


Fuck, she thought, mentally slapping herself.

"That's not important!"

"You always say that when you want to get out of something."

She let a low growl out. "I do not. But you say that, though."

"I say nothing to get out of something. I do it. So I don't disgrace out clan. Unlike you."

"I don't disgrace out clan! I'm the only Kuran alive! So how can I be a disgrace to our clan?"

"By acting like that."


"I don't 'act like that! I was bord like it! You have an attitude too. Emotionless, sad, boring. At least I'm fun." she crossed her arms.

"I'm not 'emotionless,' to be honest. But I gess you'll find something out someday, such as I can be fun."


She turned around and walked out of the barracks, and headed home to be alone for the rest of the day.

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