A Kengetu-ie day (PArt One)

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Well, Kengetsu always wakes up and goes to work at the Ninth Squad barracks. So here's what she did one day.

Submitted: November 27, 2011

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Submitted: November 27, 2011



"NO! DON'T-"


She darted up in a cold sweat.

"What was that about?"

Maybe your dreams are trying to tell you something? Rin asked.

She ignored her.

Kengetsu did you hear me?!

"Shut up, Rin!" snapped Kengetsu.

Rin let a squeak out before sutting up.

"I've been drinking too much lately," she muttered to herself, putting her hand in her bleached hair.

"Lady Kengetsu?" called a voice from in the hall. "Are you dressed?"

Kengetsu sighed. "Yes, I am."

"Then may I come in?"

"Be my guest."

The door opened were a small girl with black hair stood.

"Do you want me to run you a bath or a shower, Kengetsu-sama?"

"No thank you. I'll take one after I come home later."

"Are you hungry?"

"I am sort of now that you speak of that term."

"What would you like M'Lady?"

"I'll takes some Okayu."

"I'll tell the cooks to make some, miss." she said with a smile beofore running off.


Time and Date of Attack:________October 2- 11:48 PM

Attack(s) on:  Shuhei Hisagi, Jamki Horana, and Qamaki Zanpoara 

Victums(s') condition:Fine

Discription of attacker: Golden hair, green eyes, a emotionaless face, and an arrancar uniform on


Squad Meber(s) of:Squad Nine

"Well that's done with," sighed Kengetsu standing up. "I better turn this into Old Man Yama."


"Head-Captain, premisson to come in?" asked Kengetsu.

"Come in Captain Kuran." called Old Man Yama.

Kengetsu opened the door. "I've came to give you the paper about the attacks that happened with my Lieutenant, forth seat, and fifth seat. I'll bring the report in later, sir."

"Very well, Kuran. Let me see the paper-work," he said, reaching for the paper.

Kengetsu put the paper in his hand quickly, trying not to touch his hand.

He flipped though the paper reading, and rereading her hand writing. The he said, "I want that report by tomorrow!"

"Yes sir!" she said, with a bow before running back to the barracks.


On October 2 at 11:48 PM, my Lieutenant, Shuhei Hisgai and my squad's Forth and Fifth seat were attacked by an Arrancar. My Lieutenant said he was at the rank of 13, which had 4 people with him/her's side. They suffered a few injuries but they'll life  though it. Since Captain Retsu Unohana was able to treat their wonds after a meber of Sqaud 3 found them in the forest, were they were attacked at.

"At least I made it seem I wrote alot," smiled Kengetsu. "Since I always write large with idiotic reports, and also I got it done before lunch as well. Now I might go annoy Byakuya now if I can find him..."


Part one Done!



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