Friends for Mama?

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Mama needs a friend or friends. If she had friend(s) she might be nicer?

Submitted: December 25, 2011

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Submitted: December 25, 2011



The wind even seemed to laugh at me. Only if I'd say, "Mama made me do it. So stop yelling at me. Yell at mama, and not me!" After only those words, they wind would die down as if was say, "I'm sorry". But even thought, mama made me do it, I chose to do it. If I hadn't done half the things mama told me to do, would the wind still laugh at me as much as it did now?

If I only had a friend, I wouldn't hurt anyone else when mama told me. I'd tell here, "No".  It would turn into a beating if I defied her. A beating? Was wishing for a friend worth being beating? I hoped so. But mama always said: "Friends are worthless, Onyx. They'll only defied you when you become older. If you even have a greater friendship with a boy, he'll end up breaking your heart. Trying someone else to become greater friends backstab you always."

I always wondered what a greater friend was? Was it a best friend? I asked mama that and she yelled at me for asking relevant questions for the time being. Was it a boyfriend or girlfriend? I asked again and she yelled at me for the same reasons. So I wrote to mama my question.

Dear mama,

What are greater friendships called? I asked you before but you didn't actually answer me. So please, once you read this, don't yell at me, tell me mama. I wish to know these things. But yet, I have no friends to learn from. No papa to joke with. All I have is you mama. So YOU are the one to to all of these things like to joke with you, learn from you, and to talk to, but I think you are.



Later that night, I smelt mama burning something like paper. I knew mama was burning the note and afterwards was going to yell at me for using paper up for a dumb reason like to ask a question.

Sometimes she made me wish I wasn't born. Someone else could've use the food I eat and feed themself. But other times when mama was actaully in a good mood she'd make me feel I was happy for once in my life. Those times never happen, since mama has taxes to deal with from the our Queen. She'd curse in every way she could think of. Shouting the "d" word, the "h" word- sometimes she even add cuss words like the "f" word, the "b" word, and the "m" word. If cussing wasn't enough to make her feel better, she'd take it out on me. I have so many brusies from her anger hits.

Only if mama had a friend or some friends....


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