Is Ares that Ugly?

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Asteria, the goddess of the Stars and Plants, likes annoying Ares, the god of war. But when Ares finally gets her off his back he has to deal with a different goddess. One who can be offened by one comment about her look...

Submitted: January 27, 2012

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Submitted: January 27, 2012



A/N: I know Ares and Aphrodite had an affair. In this story, I happened to make them not in love.

"You know what this place needs?" Asteria asked Ares, the god of war.

"No. What, Asteria?" he asked trying to shut her up quicker.

"A nice solar system for taking dates." she said when a unnecessary smile.

Ares rolled his eyes. Know Asteria, the goddess of the stars and plants, she wanted to "lighten things up" with glittery stars from her own "collection". He didn't hate Asteria, it was such a strong word for what she seemed like...a child. Let's say he disliked her when she went all glittery on the other gods and goddesses.

Aphrodite was over in a corner of Mt.Olympus, near a rose bush, making the roses more pretty than they were. Ares suddenly got an idea to get Asteria off his back. "Oi! Aphrodite!"

She looked up at Ares and muttered, "Not this ugly beast again." Before calling over happily back to him. Of course, she wasn't too happy about him. Ares walked over to her, with Asteria on his tail. "Aphrodite, you haven't talked with Asteria in a long time! How would you like to talk with her some more now?"

"There is a reason I haven't spoken to her, Ares." snapped Aphrodite. "I mean, honestly, she isn't pretty one bit!"

Asteria's eyebrow twitched. "Péste óti páli, lígo gouroúni!"

Aphrodite gasped in horror. "How dare you call me a hog!"

"Both of you calm down!" Ares said.

"NO!" bellowed Aphrodite, her blonde hair in her face from anger. "I won't listin to someone as ugly as you!"

Asteria brusted out laughing while Ares began cussing at Aphrodite for that comment in greek. "Giatí lígo skýla!"

"Now that name was really unnecessary, ugly!"

"I wasn't for the moment, blonde!"

Asteria stood there watching. Shoul I stop them with Nefélo?ma? she thought. I should since I haven't used it in a while. Or I could leave...I should  just leave. She sighed and left with a poof of stars and black smoke.

Ares looked over where Asteria left. "Hey...where did she go?"

"I don't care now- in fact I never will-"

"I asked where."

"In that case, I don't know one bit!"

"I knew you'd say that." he said with a shrug and left.

Aphrodite stood there with an upset look on her face. "This messed up my look and makeup! Ugh!" The she left with a poof of pink smoke and roses.

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