Sunset (Reapertale Fanfiction)

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Everywhere he walked, death followed. Even as he sat down on that hill to watch the sunset, the grass died beneath him. But he wasn't alone. Reapertale AU

Submitted: February 07, 2016

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Submitted: February 07, 2016



His black cape blew behind him, a cold reminder that, no matter what, he had no life.

He was nothing.

He was Death.

His scythe blinked out of existence as he stepped forward, brown grass marking where he walked, an eerie trail of death.

And he looked up into the sky, he many colours. Colours that reminded him of things. People. Specifically, one person. 

And then, She walked up to him.

"The sunset's beautiful tonight, isn't it?"

"Uh huh."

"It just goes to show..."

She turned to face him, her beautiful face full of hope.

"...death can be beautiful."

He was startled, looking at her with a surprised face.


She laughed, a sweet, tuneful laugh, like wind chimes.

"A sunset is where the day goes to die, and the moon is born from it. A perfect, colourful transition, delicate and incredible. I love Day, and I love Night, but I think I like sunsets better."

Her golden aura reached out to him, trying to hold him like it had held many children in the past.

But Death couldn't be held like a child in Life's embrace.

"Tori...what are you going to do?"


"The kid brought peace between the gods, and now we can live on Earth in quiet. What are you gonna do now? Look after the kid? I don't think they need lookin' after. The Bringer of Mercy, they're callin' 'em."

Toriel looked out to the now darkening sky.

"The same thing I've done for millions of years. I'm going to do my job. As I am sure you will do yours also, Sans."

Sans grinned down at his feet.

"Yep. Killin' people's what I do, after all."

Toriel looked at him with a calm face.

"We all have our purposes. What I create, you must one day destroy. Nothing must last forever. It is the balance of the universe."

"I doubt the universe wanted there to be two of us though."

"Papyrus is...unfit for the job of death. He is too kind, too loving."

Sans' pupils disappeared, signifying that he was thinking of something serious.

"I know. He can touch things without killing them. Good thing too, he loves hugs."

Toriel put her arms around Sans, embracing him. She was the only one who could touch him, as Life cannot die.

"He also loves you. And so do the rest of us. Don't EVER forget that."

Sans stood there, his eyes empty.

"I know. I know."

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