Fighting Blind

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A young Mage vaguely remembers her journey during the Bitter Days and her life after the Fall of the Prophets.

Submitted: May 15, 2012

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Submitted: May 15, 2012




Inept and deaf and dumb and scared, 
Sitting in a rocking chair.
Will it keep steady, or am I not ready?
My world has begun to darken.

Yet as it sweeps, and dust does creep,
I find myself growing weary.
Looks of scorn and some forlorn, 
I’d say I’m getting teary.

When they do fall, and children call,
You will find me all too bleary.
The feelings hurt and words too curt, 
I think I’ll run for cover.

It's all too much and yet, as such,
I find myself becoming numb.
Perhaps it's best to be this way,
Inept and deaf and scarred and dumb.

Have I been too blind to see all this time,
Justice is not so easily hidden,
For as the world will keep its spinning,
All I have has been reduced to pins.

It's cold and dark and all too clearly,
I see her in those damning shackles.
The war is won, but all for none,
As the higher up beasts do cackle.

So much of a Mage adorned in lace,
And bright eyes the color of sage.
All that's left in the end of these days
Is the knowedge of her age.

Sometimes she wants to ask what the point is
In bothering and pothering a living dead.
Mayhaps she'll ask them one day
In the hopes that by then, she'll be a Wraith. 

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Fighting Blind

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