Something Like A Movie

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The most heartfelt stories are the real ones.

Submitted: December 19, 2017

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Submitted: December 19, 2017



We met on a beautiful summer evening. You were so fun and so awesome. We connected, right then and there. Your smile made me smile and your hands made me want to hold them all the time. You were so pretty, I just had to find you again. So, I did. Through mutual friends, you were there, in my smartphone’s screen. We talked hours and hours until we met again. You liked traveling, so did I. You payed attention to small details in everything around you, and so did I. You had sadness in you, while I had darkness.

The night we went out was magical. We kissed, and I could have sworn I fell in love. Unfortunately, I did. You went home, and I walked for two hours straight thinking about you. I remember smiling at every thought I made with you. Sometimes I even laughed. It was a while since I had felt like that, and it was marvelous.

I left the island the next day, never saw you again. You would return too, and we’d meet then. But we didn’t. You didn’t want to. You said I was too perfect for you, but there’s no such thing. You just didn’t have the stomach to strive for something better, and you hid behind your smile and your mediocre life. A life not destined for you, but bound by it.

The last thing you told me in a way to explain the wrecking ball you’ve been in my life was through a song. I was too destroyed too pay the needed attention then, but I did now, 3 years later. You left me with “Another Love”, and I could not comprehend the fact that you’d choose another over me. But three years later, as if magic was there to play its part, I heard the lyrics in a way I’ve never had again, and I forgive you.

My god, who hurt you so much? 

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