a political rant

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a writing assignment that turned into a rant i rather enjoyed writing.

Submitted: August 13, 2012

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Submitted: August 13, 2012




The assignment was to continue the article from the sentences given in italics. "Professor George McKenna" does not exist as far as i am aware. The opions expressed in this piece are mine and mine alone and i make no apology for them.


When I was a child I was told that only bad people lie." So begins Professor George McKenna in our lead article; he goes on to describe how he was taught by his professors in the 50's that "people who lied a lot were social lowlifes: Mafia wiseguys, clubhouse politicians, no one was to be trusted and nothing could be taken at face value. I was taught to question everything, to always verify for myself what the truth was and then only after checking and double checking every fact.

In this day and age, everything is media frenzy, the reporters circle like hungry sharks eager to tear at the carcass of drama, cameras snapping like sharpened teeth. Slowly they tear off piece after piece, sucking the life and meaning from every tiny nuance. When there is a tragedy, you can rely on the media to home in on it like a starving man, pushing aside everything else in the world to gloat over the smallest detail. What’s that? The gunman wore Nike? Ahh, we must ban Nike shoes! Because it can’t be the fault of our society, it can’t possibly be that we have made natural things like nudity and sex between loving couples something to be ashamed of, but we glorify violence at every turn. We raise our children on violent cartoons, we wean them on video games that spray blood across the screen, and we nurture them in front of movies where sex is portrayed as something you do to harm people.

Ahh, but the politicians will tell you that person “slipped through the cracks” and to combat it we must have less control over weapons, everyone must be armed! Has no one realized yet that these politicians don’t care about you and me? You don’t exist for them unless you make more than a million dollars a year. No, these politicians are fighting tooth and nail to protect the precious gun lobby, because only if they protect them will the NRA continue to let people vote for them. That’s right, the politicians will not do anything to change the laws, or protect you and I from the natural outpouring of this culture of violence, because they want to keep their nice cushy jobs. So they lie to you, like they have lied to you every day of your life, and you swallow it like a hungry child eager for any nourishment, not even discerning enough to see that they are killing you with their lies.

And what do we do in response? We vote more bad people into office, we give the most power to those that tell the most outrageous lies. We sit back and smile when they enact voter ID laws; we are complicit in the eroding of our own rights. We deserve to lose those rights, we fell for their lies, and we encouraged them to lie more.

Welcome to the decline of the Roman Empire, it’s only a matter of time.

Ave, Imperator, morituri te salutant.

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