Poisonous words

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This is just to alert you how words can make you lose confidence or how people can undermine you just by reading through the words you use when speaking or writing to them.

Submitted: May 05, 2014

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Submitted: May 05, 2014



Words you should erase from your vocabulary with immediate effect the reason why you should is that most of this words often stop people from saying what they real feel or want to say people often start with this word in what they say instead of saying it right away without adding these words all these words stops us from telling the truth ,telling it like it is or raising their opinions or even asking questions .

The first word is uhm for for example in a case of confessing ,often people will use the word uhm before they can actually confess which causes a person to lie ,or say something totally different from what he or she was gonna say in that same moment ,trust me in a period of few seconds a human brain can actually think faster enough to think of something else apart from what he or she was gonna sayfrom the confection of truth that was supposed to be said


Third word is cant . This word kills our skills and self esteem ,its so easy to use or say ’I wouldn’t be surprised if someone created a song saying I cant repeatedly from the beginning to the end , that’s how easy I see that word is so try something more like I can and I will or I want to learn not I cant’ erase that from your vocabulary!

The fourth word is never I find this word very naïve and very demotivating so powerful that it can discourage and make someone think otherwise about themselves or not even someone but yourself ,use it only when you telling someone they can never use the word the word itself

The fifth word is but this word can also negates anything that was supposed to be said before it

The sixth word is Probably .this word sort of reflects that you unsure of what you saying, it shows that you lack confidence in your statement , just in the first sentence of this explanation I used the word ‘sort’ doubt you noticed that, using that word also ,makes me sound unsure of what am telling you, but I am 100% sure I just wanted to make a point for you to understand me.

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