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you walked hesitantly towards me.

Submitted: March 18, 2008

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Submitted: March 18, 2008



you walked hesitantly towards me. i knew the rumors were true about you. you were going to ask me out. i stood there, pretending not to notice you/ you kept walking. when you reached me, i started to sway. i turned around abd there you were. swaying with me. you stared at me and asked.

"wanna go out?'

i stared at you. i was so happy. i thought about it. i thought about what my parents would think of it. 'screw that' i thought to myself. 'this is my happiness'

i asked "really?"

"yes. don't worry, you probably won't say..."

i cut you off and said




you started bouncing around. that was my favorite thing about you. you always seemed happy. i smiled. but that would not even describe my happiness. i ran toward galih. i grabbed herand turned her around.

"Galih galih galih! chris asked me out" i said fast.

she stared at me with curious eyes. i nodded. we both smiled.

vouple weeks later:

"why do you have to go?" i said.

"i don't know why. it was my choice. i don't know what to do"

i was close to tears. i didn't wantyou to make the wrong ddecision but i didn't want you to go.

we stared blankly away. i broke the silence.

"how long till you leave?"

"1 week" you mumbled.

i stared at the trampoline. this was the worst thing and it was happening for the second time. i couldn't do anything. i wasn't sure what to do.

"come on," i said to you.

i hopped off the trampoline and walked toward the street. was this really happening? i asked my self. you joined me. together we sat down and started to talk calmly to one another.

1 week later.

i couldn't help but cry. this was probably going to be our last day together. night more like it. standing there in the golf club, even with all the people standing around. i let the hot tears roll down my face. i stared at you. that just made me cry harder. Galih waleked up to me. she hugged me. i was pretty sur she didn't know what to do. Jenny came. she stood there. i didn't care.

you walked over to me. the others walked further away. we didn't talk. i stood there and cryed. you had ttears coming into your eyes. we walked outside. everyone followed. Nicola cleared them off. i couldn't stop my actions now. i flung my arms around you and kissed you on the cheek. you kissed me back. the happiness and sadness was so confusing. i had to leave. i cried myself to sleep that night. with only a picture of you to comfort me.

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