keeping sane

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I HATE MOVING!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have a good life here!!!!!!!

Submitted: April 10, 2008

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Submitted: April 10, 2008



life will never go the right way will it. Parents will never get the full extent of a childs love life will they? curse all the sad songs that have to remind me constantly about moving. curse the whole thing! i say
"why?" they say
"because we're sick of this place" or "we're ready for a new experience."
what about me? do i want a new experience or am i sick of this place? hell no!!! i'm having the best time of my life here! not that they can see that. they're blind to my feelings no matter how hard i try to show them what's wrong.
they ask me why?" i say
"because, i just want to know" they stare at me doubtfully and i stare back. not even shouting will stop them now.......... all things go wrong when you hit double digits. so BEWARE!

i have been through it. trust me!

this i s now a few months later. i'm writing this because my anger has turned into sorrow and a feeling of hoplessness.

this time, i cannot stop them. i have no chance. they've signed a paper and everything. it hurts too much. every time i think about it it brings tears to my eyes. even right now. but i've learnt how to hold it in. am i that bad a child i have to be punished or it? why? my parents have asked my opinion on it. but staying here in this small community was not even an option and what choice did i have. i'm a mess. you could look into my eyes and all you'd see is sadness. it looks like i've been crying all the time. everythings going wrong. i can't let go. my dad says that he hopes i'll keep the friends i made here but how can i when i live in Indonesia and Pheonix is like half way across the world? how? why is the world complicated? i was asked to add to this story and that's what i'm doing. i should explain it though.

this, is a story of me moving and how hard it's going to be. i'm describing how my parents can't really understand. no one can say anything to help because there's no point arguing. i hope this now makes sense.

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