"you of course"

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Submitted: March 15, 2008

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Submitted: March 15, 2008



she waited in the dark for him. he didn't come. the wind chilled her to the bone. he still didn't come. finally with a long, dissapointed sigh, she started to walk home.

"i should have known he wouldn't show" she said to herself. then, from behind her, someone called,


she turned startled. but she couldn't see anyone. she turned slowly around and started to walk. again she heard her name.

"FAITH!?" she swiveled round just in time to see a shape crouch quickly behind a bush. she started walking slowly backwards. terrified, she turned and ran. tripping and screaming, something grabbed her leg. she lay there screaming petrified. the thing slowly clawed it's way up to her back. somehting heavy came upon her. a hand covered her mouth. her scream was stifled. she still tried to scream. then she heard in a whisper.

"faith. i've got you now."

she kicked and sqirmed but did not come free. giving up, she was lifted up and carried limply to the old gardeners hut in the park. she was thrown against the wall. wimpering and scrunching up she started to cry.

"it's time." the voice said.

she stared up but could nott see anything. as her eys got used to the dark she saw a man staring down at her with an evil grin.

"no" she said. this was her boyfriend who had asked her to meet him in the park, and this was why. around her she could see pictures of herself with him. he took off his jacket and switched on a light. he took off his shoes and socks and stepped towards her. he took off her shoes and socks. she tried kicking him but he held her fast. from outside she could hear the sirens of police cars and the sound of policemen. grabbing her up, Navay pushed faith deeper into the hut. through old jackets and things. they came to a wall. Navay fiddled around behind faith. he whispered in her ear.

"be quiet and don't move. hold on to me as tight as you can."

she nervously put her arms around him. but she did not hold him tightly. suddenly, they fell backwards. faith grpped tighter. they hit solid ground and Navay stood up. faith still clinging to him let go.

"what do you want with me?" she asked.

he smiled at her. "you of course"

"well... you can't have me. please, let me go" she begged him.

"never. i'll never let you go until you surrender to me" he said.

"i need you to steal for me."

she stared at him in horror. "i will not steal for you! you, a liar!"

he smirked. "well faith, i'm sorry for the fate that you've chosen for yourself but, it was you, not me."

with that he held a gun up to her forhead. her face went blank with fear. they stood like this for a few moments, then, faith stood straight up and smiled. he looked confused. lowering the gun a little, he tried to see if she really was smiling. she was. she widened her smile into a grin. he was even more confused.

"STOP THAT!" he yelled. he lowered the gun so it was pointing down to faith's legs. but, slowly, creeping up behind Navay, was Chris. he had found his way down to the old hideout through the back and now was planning an attack, making signals to Faith to confuse Navay. he creeped a little closer. Navay still had the gun to close to Faith. faith started laughing, laughing noisely. shaking her head, shaking her whole body. the gun slipped down to point directly at the ground. Navay stepped forward, attempting to grab faith. but Chris was too quick he lunged himself at Navay. pushing him over. Faith didn't move fast enough and came tumbling down with them. yelping she tried to struggle free. navay grabbed her and pulled her close. chris, realising what was happening. stopped wrestling and started to slowly move upward. when he was on his knees navay quickly grabbed faith round the neck and stood up. so did chris. he took a step forward. navay raised the gun to faith's temples. chris couldn't move. policemen started shouting. navay backed away quickly. taking faith with him. chris stood there, petrified. as navay took faith away into pitch black.

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