You dance before me

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You dance before me

By Ash Victoria ©

I speak of lust and your all I crave, robust sensation pervades me
I can not Relinquish this desire that overwhelms me
Tortured, I relish in your beauty
In the deep silence of the night I become deranged
My lust for you remains
Too far but yet so near
Dalliance with heart
This rush of my thoughts of heated bliss
Tortures my lips as they yearn to kiss
Every inch, every part of you
unquenchable fury, as I realise your lips can’t meet mine
She is so beautiful,
This feels like eternal lust
I crave to hold you close
Her laughter rings through my ears
Morals restrain
Sanity tested
Time is spaced between us
Weak, but conflicted with instinct
An undeserving emotion takes over
When I hear your heart belongs to another
It crushes my soul
When I look into your eyes, I drown in their intensity,
my heart ignites with passion, to see your smile is to see the divine,
I want to stay immersed in your beauty forever more

Submitted: June 26, 2010

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