The broken clock

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This is about many things , including self harm and LGBT rights. I'm paranoid that is why it's rated R but it really isn't that bad , maybe one or two cuss words but the real thing is the references so yeah teehee. I

Submitted: March 14, 2015

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Submitted: March 14, 2015




The demons found you and I cried out for them not to kill you,


“Just let him live !” I screamed but no sound would come out,


For the demons have took away my sound,


Their hands wrapped around my throat  and then I began to choke,


I screamed “ I stared at the broken clocks! I can’t breathe anymore! Let go of my heart! I promise not to live anymore!”


The sorrow trapped me , I hope you choke on your misery.


This is the story ,


Of a girl whom once loved me,


Her dreams were shattered,


Her love was destroyed,


Society said they couldn’t see ,


The pain within that she ,


Obviously showed to herself because of the slits on her wrist,


But this story has a twist you see?


That girl was a boy ,


He was transgender and different too.


“Hey society ! What the hell is wrong with you !”


“Do you hear his screams ? Now that he can no longer plead?”


“Fuck you and your Barbie dolls! People should be who they want to be!”


You kids reading this , the ones who scar their wrist .The ones  who burn their skin. Or bruise themselves just to feel something.


Your beautiful and so are your scars , No matter what gender ,age, or race you are !


Next time you want to cut , burn or bruise read this and choose.


Choose either to cut , burn, bruise or cry. That’s your choice tonight ,


If I were you I would choose to cry .

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