The Paths of Life

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The paths in life

Submitted: April 01, 2014

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Submitted: April 01, 2014



I have been walking this path all my life

Walking around and seeing nothing but dead

No colors but black and white

But I walked to a fork in the road


Do I choose the things that I have always known

Or do I go on the unknown road

That anything could happen

It might be terrible or wonderful and I won’t know

Unless I take a deep breath and take the risk


I close my eyes and run

I run toward the unknown

Anything is better than that path I used to be on


There is live trees and colors all over

A song goes in my mind and I can’t help but sing

I skip down the path hoping that this never ends


But as everything good the path end

It started with small things

A couple dead leaves

A few dangerous looking plants


But I ignored it happily bouncing up and down the strip

Soon everything started looking more and more scary

I became worried as I looked around at the once happy place

Turning back into the other road


The birds stop chirping and singing

Instead it was almost as if they judged me

Like they blamed me for something

Around me everything starts dying


My animal friends that have been following me

Now turn on me attacking and baring teeth

I hear them as if they could talk

You don’t care for us


But I do

I loved that place of green and merry

Please let’s all go back to that

Please stop judging me


It is almost like I become blind

Like any of the colors left I just can’t see

I stumble around not knowing where I'm going

Or what was going on


Everywhere I stumbled I felt unwelcome

Like it didn’t matter where I go they didn’t want me anywhere

So instead I just fall on the ground


I do not move

I do not say anything

I just lay there and wait for death

Which is my only escape


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