Forever on the Edge

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This is a piece I wrote quite some years ago. Unfortunately, although my circumstances have changed the sentiments expressed are still entirely true for me.

Submitted: June 28, 2015

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Submitted: June 28, 2015



Lonely and alone, I wander the shore of the turbid sea of relationships.

Occasionally I cast a pebble, which of course, disappears without a trace.

The sea teems with life. A seething mass of humanity.

Not all happy, but growing through sharing.

Am I alone in being unable to breathe the waters of life?

Is it necessary to fall into step in order to be accepted?

I do not wish to become another false face in the crowd.

If I cannot be true to myself then I am really lost.

The waves crash violently on the rocks nearby.

Such is the pain and hurt of trying to connect with someone.

I cannot part the water and walk through untouched.

Nor can I walk on the surface.

When I have waded in I seem always out of my depth.

This results in panic and withdrawal.

So here I remain; on the edge.

An outsider looking in.

The sand shifts uneasily beneath my feet.

Is there another who is also on the fringe?

Or am I truly alone on the shore?

Out of place; out of time; out of phase.

Is anybody there?

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