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Submitted: May 18, 2018

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Submitted: May 18, 2018



That day while he sat at his desk gazing through the window at

the soft rain tickling down the roof and the trees he wasn't

particularly feeling anything but only a strange numbness. It was

a familiar sensation and he hated it, even resisted this state of his

which made him almost inexistent and disconnected him from the

reality. He recalled how he always loved and cherished

rain,reveled in its aliveness and how it brought the same

aliveness in him. But today was different. He longed to reason the

source of his feelings but the very inquiry left him wanted and

ended up in frustration. So he gave up into his state cause he

knew anything he did could only temporarily distract his feelings.

At these times he said to himself  "This shall too pass". The thing

that seemed to worsen his mood was the people around him

whom to always seemed to be in a state of mundane okay ness. It

seemed to him that they neither really felt true happiness

,contentment or even sadness and they always seemed to satisfy

themselves with the soft comfort the TV,food and family provided.

He reasoned with himself that how its his own reflection he was

seeing and this is the very thing he was trying to break free from.

He always knew there something more to what is appearing in the

surface. Is it possible for anyone to settle into nothingness or

even sadness for that matter? Wishing nothing else from it but

finding sweetness inside of it even. Whats really painful is not the

pain itself but the struggle to get out from it. 

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