Observing society

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Something little I wrote about society.

Submitted: November 11, 2011

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Submitted: November 11, 2011



Sitting on a bench at a heart of a city. Beautiful gardens well maintained. It is a site to see, what a beautiful place. A stranger would think.

People walking the streets in such rush, pushing one another. They are supposed to relax on their lunchbreak yet they are rushing that too. There is no time. This life is one long marathon containing many more races to come.

I observe people around me. Respectful people in business suits and a name tag around their neck. They are the important people of our society. Yet on a Friday night they get so drunk they don’t realise they are sitting naked on their balcony. They scream so loud at 3 o’clock in the morning “Fuck the real estate”. In two weeks time they are out. Kicked out because of the constant complaints. Yep, they are the same people.

But what they do not realise is that, they are not even important the slightest. Regardless of their Armani suits. They are just numbers. We are all just numbers, a Society.

Society does not recognise individualism.

What about those same people who happen to earn a decent amount of money for sitting in meetings and drinking coffee all day. Lets not get sidetracked here.

The point is I’ve watched them argue at the supermarket with an innocent cashier over 20 cents. Being overcharged by 20 cents.

It is somewhat funny but it comes with a great sadness. How materialistic have people become. Is there any real values left for us to judge?

As long as you’ve got a car and nice clothes, you are it. You are a member of a respectable society.

No thank you even if the membership was free.  

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