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An article about meditation from an alternative point of view.

Submitted: June 03, 2016

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Submitted: June 03, 2016




It is now the first of June and I have spent a lot of time driving my chopper through Swedish landscapes for hours. It is not only about the sense experience of summer, sun and tranquil forests. It is also about letting go of my endless thought processes. I have found that taking to the road have help me very much with meditation. With the calming of mind. To find the way to the depths within, changing my perception of reality by simply doing nothing.

But it's a great strain on the brain too. Having headaches due to the lack of thinking for longer periods. Balance is the key.

Thought control is essential for spiritual development. To find the way to greater concentration and structure. To create something constructive one has to find a great clarity within. A clarity that arises from the reduction of mind-chatter, moral obligations and the need to understand.

I have described my philosophy of death to several old friends but also presented these ideas to random readers on the internet. And it was truly death that was the key to my own personal development. This death is a concept of no-doing, no-thinking, no knowing. Just a silent surrender to the creative energies within consciousness itself. Letting the brain and the body consciousness self-organize time along a spiralling movement into the unknown.

This surrender has been the hardest thing to accomplish for me as a dark occultist. The hardest because one has to abandon the need to know, to be in control, to face all hopes and fears and letting them silently die away. It feels like suicide and it *is* a kind of suicide. But reality can also transform to a bright and magical place.

I think this fact of letting go of self-restraint. Of loosing control and opening up the mind to endless possibility is the hardest thing I ever have encountered on the spiritual path. But also the most rewarding. Loosing control is like falling into a black abyss of confusion, neglect, horror and chaos. But as the fire is burning and consuming the old self something new emerges from this state of mind. That is a kind of dark tranquillity. A silence that is not truly silent.

Something haunting to experience for sure.

This must not necessarily be something new for other dark occultists out there. Even the meditation gurus of the New Age movement describes something similar to this. The difference (If there clearly is one?) is intention primarily. Meditation alter perception and can lead to any state of mind.

The buddhists experience a kind of clarity, the nihilistic masters something of the same kind. But it is a deeply personal thing for me. As the intention is to really die away. I have found the way to a dark force within directing consciousness in creative ways. It can be seen as the ego, an occult force of negation to break down the surface mind to give way for a subliminal state of pure unconscious. A primal force, something threatening and violent.

This is why I highly doubt the value of general meditation practise. That practise actually destroys ego to give way for unity consciousness. The thing that was revealed to me as a false self. A white plate of ignorance resulting in a variant of love leading to a state of temporarily bliss, then degenerating into nothing.

I think dark occultism should center around finding the innate powers of magic hidden behind unity consciousness. A primal force existing within and awaiting to be awakened. This can happen in meditation practise but also in sexual encounters. In music experience and other forms of creativity.

Awakening evil as the highest form of good. As this evil gives way for the highest form of pleasure. Of true freedom and a relation to the multi-verse and other beings built on pure facts, not wishful thinking.

Unmasking the potential of individual purity.

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