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A strange science-fiction romance about a lonely suicide and a possible escape.

Submitted: March 05, 2016

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Submitted: March 05, 2016



The alien planet was a place for reckless outsiders and the fall of collective illusions. A place dwelling in sudden contrasts and deep shadows. And it was found by a young woman dressed in black. But the black clothing was filled with pink bulbs and green patterns. Engulfing the young woman in a smooth embrace.

She found herself in a future installation. Equipped with molecular science equipment. But the scientists were long dead and forgotten. The space of the place was overgrown with green trunks extending from the laboratories into pathways leading to the central experiment vault.

Here the young woman found a strange seating. A place for testing of odd life forms. Living on the planet from time pre-memorial. But the interiors were foggy and devoid of aliens. A white light was clear and blinding functioning by strange necessity. As chemical energy was extracted from the growing trunks.

The young woman, Alicia, didn’t know the purpose of her surprise visit. She just stood there among the trunks and some flickering lights. She put pressure on certain cabinets, to open them and search for raw data.

But the place was empty as the rumours of recent alien contact had been false.

Soon Alicia was back in orbit around the alien planet. Sitting at a lone window overlooking the alien planet from the comfort of a space-ship. She hadn’t found alien life. She didn’t learn anything from the scientific experiments. She was a lost soul reaching out from planet earth to catch a teenager dream.

And she lost herself to time. To a wandering mind. To the celestial space of the overlooking window. The sun was coming up behind the darkly lit planet. A blue sphere without earthly characteristics. And the totality of the space-ship was engulfed with a blue light. Bending according to the translucent material in the overlooking window. Becoming a hazy blue glow. Pulling on the compact walls and bouncing.

Alicia was walking down a corridor and inside a close-by room. Connecting to a blue pool of water. Where she undressed and dived down to the bottom. The water was temperate but quite distressing. Engulfing her body in strong currents. The young woman was reflecting on past memories. Memories of her past life on earth with her male lover. A male deviant wanting domination.

She sank further down the pool and looked up to the waving surface. Images from her teenager years were projected upon the moving canvas. Images from her imagination. Alicia saw her previous life passing by in a constant blur of images. Seeing herself as a lone servant. Connecting to her male lover by chance and necessity.

Wanting escape.

Now she sank deeper down to the bottom of the waving pool. She took hold of a bent handle. Turned and watched as the handle gave way to rotate around a central axis. Unscrewing a locking mechanism which opened up the pool to outer space. Alicia watched and gasped in awe. Inhaling water as the water of the pool was sucked out into outer space.

Leaving the young woman in a state of panic.

She was walking on the surface of the alien planet later. Connecting to a triad of aliens talking to her in low frequencies. They talked about the multi-verse and Alicia’s visions of dark despair.

She had ended her life for the sucking void of outer space.

“The space-ship is descending in parallel time.” One of the aliens said.

The space-ship was coming down from low orbit. Descending towards a huge lake pulling a tale of fire. Smoking and burning like a shiny jewel. Crashing into the lake with huge wave patterns. Alicia’s space-ship was coming down. The waves of the lake were building like celestial towers from time pre-memorial. Crashing against the shore in a huge wave pattern. Destroying man-made shelters along the shore line.

“Enter the space-ship.” The alien shape said, “You will surely find the answers and a new beginning.”

“What new beginning?”

“You will surely find out.” The alien shape said.

Alicia was pushed along a grassy slope. Holding strange flowers of yellow and violet. A sad touch of brassy plants among alien environments. The leaves of circle trees were falling and slowly unwinding. Alicia was entering a rowing boat pulled loose from the shore line and lying silently upon the waving water. Alicia entered it to find the way to the space-ship. Resting upon the bottom of the lake in a newly formed crater. As she approached the spot Alicia rose from the rowing position to watch with a searchlight upon the crystal clear waters. She saw the space-ship resting upon the bottom of the lake. She dove down. But she couldn’t breathe steadily. Entering the space-ship from the outside of the hull. Climbing into the space-ship at the spot where she had unscrewed the handle earlier.

The space-ship wasn’t filled with fresh water. It was completely dry and devoid of light and colour. Alicia crept upon moistly surfaces. Upon blackened walls beyond comprehension. Going deeper into the dark to find a glowing flashlight carried by a dark shape in the distance.

This was the shape of Alicia’s past lover. He approached her as a pale lit ghost.

“What are you doing?” Alicia asked the male shape.

“I committed suicide in a strange coma.” The male shape said, “And here we meet at last.”

“Can I trust you?” Alicia asked.

“Not by a great margin.” The male shape said, “I’m your past lover.”

The two of them found their way towards a sleeping chamber a couple of stretches away. They lay down upon the bed as pale ghosts. In a comatose hibernation beyond the science of past physics.

The odd situation was empty and soon followed by strange visual impressions. The two lovers lying close to each other. But strangely getting separated by a blue plane of visual projection. A strange mirror on both sides. They watched the visual projection images to witness their own separate selves from both sides. Alicia hadn’t wished for the arrival of her male lover. She had searched for alien life on the alien planet.

Now the visual projection showed images of the aliens from the planet on both sides. Gray critters connected by certain organic feeding devices. Using organic connections in a sharing event between each other.

The visual projection was broken by Alicia’s hand to touch beyond the visual projection image. Coming to the other side to touch her past male lover. The hand now looking blue to him like a liquid sensation from the blue pool of water. A sign of death. And the past male lover avoided the blue hand to reach out to the space beyond the visual projection on Alicia’s side.

Touching something but not being able to guess the features.

The visual projection disappeared to give way for ordinary visual impressions. Containing the body visuals from the two past lovers. Not looking blue but being pure human forms. As before the entire suicide event.

“Are you really my past lover?” Alicia asked the male human form.

“As always.” The male human form said.

“Are we connected?” Alicia said.

“Yes.” The male form said.

Alicia touched the male form searching for his hand. He just looked upon Alicia with the darkest eyes. And the human shape turned into an Alien.

“Reality is just about polar opposites.” The alien shape said. “You better look beyond the body impressions.”

Alicia cried.

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