The Burning Pond

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic
A journey towards the depths of inner space.
Revealing a world of wonder and light.
Twisting the truth to emerge as a peaceful warrior
in the astral worlds of past delight.
Breaking free.

The Burning Pond is the result of countless
adventures beyond the body.
The author exploring the astral realms with out of body experience.
Revealing a world different from the physical plane.
But also dangerous.

A dream within a dream, a horrific nightmare and
a final sense of hope.

Submitted: November 09, 2015

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Submitted: November 09, 2015



One thing I never understood about the astral worlds was the burning evil within. Looking like peace and tranquility on the surface but having more to do with violence and death.

* * *

Astor Forsight watched the astral worlds as a dispassionate observer. Moving within the worlds at sleep to have countless adventures. Some of these worlds pulled on his emotions and senses. Watching strange creatures, beautiful landscapes and exotic women. But as the journey came to an end he always got a punishment. The worlds clouding his senses and distorting his mind. Therefore he always gave up in the end.

But the ugly reality of the physical world was a boring mess. Having jobs, shallow education and so on. He was a true adventurer at heart but he never got satisfaction. So he started to think about the astral worlds.

”What if I could transform these worlds at will?” He thought, ”What if I could walk these worlds as I walk the physical world?” He thought, ”The astral as a means of enlightenment. Seeing the astral with a bleak eye. Transforming the inhabitants within.”

He did as he wished. Met elder women and small children. At the astral plane. Never to intrude but to respect the free will. Some of them were walking by themselves. Boyish elders with developed interests. Lonely plants in rainbow colours. Strange entities vaporizing in thin air. Others were enjoying common parties. Drinking drinks by strange delight.

As Astor observed the others he remembered the futility of the astral worlds. That the happiness hinted at violence around the next corner. Parasites living on human flesh. Closed off environments limited in their view.

But this was no hard matter. Astor Forsight had developed his intellect to a very high level. He could overcome the problems on the astral plane. The problem of shallow illusions. He did this with pure magic. Seeing the truth but projecting the opposite.

* * *

Somewhere around high noon Astor saw the emergence of an old house on the astral plane. He watched a man digging a hole in the ground. It was pretty shallow. A hint of a grave for the few and selected. The ones killing themselves by will alone. It was a beautiful grave surrounded by white flowers. But no corpses were found.

”Are you digging a grave?” Aston Forsight asked the old man.

”I’m doing it for myself.” The man said, ”Tired of life and seeking a final exit.”

”But why?”

”Because I have seen it all.” The man said, ”A fitting conclusion.”

Astor thought about it as the landscape gave away for the dark. Darkness being the true face of the astral worlds. Beautiful flowers turning to blocks of concrete. Not unlike the physical surroundings but even worse. And he met certain angels turning to black orbs as he went. Trying to put him down. But Astor went further and saw the truth of the whole astral plane. A beautiful landscape of enormous power but lacking in substance.

He journeyed beyond time and space. Watching the worlds with a dispassionate eye. It was a plane of thought not unlike the physical dimension. Thought responsive but easier to bend.

The orbs haunted him to no end. Pulling on his nerves with black magic. But as the young traveler got more confirmation the hauntings faded away. Like a sudden relief. Like a sense of freedom strengthening individuality. Astor Forsight realized that the will of the orbs was to subvert his mind.

He thought about this sharply and returned to himself. He took strong action to feed himself with positive thoughts. Of positive energy resulting in happy feelings. A necessity in a hostile world.

Instants later the orbs gave up and explained the truth of the astral planes. They had been created for an evil purpose. And this was the truth of the whole arrangement. Only a shallow journey towards death. For the orbs’s own satisfaction. Living on energy created by the astral spirits. Astor wasn’t frightened though. Thinking that truth would prevail in the end.

The orbs talked about an occult philosophy recreating reality for the humans by belief systems alone. Working with thought-forms. And the orbs were revealed as artificial intelligence’s at the core. But they were impressed by the depths of Astor’s knowledge.

* * *

One evening Astor met a curious girl at a restaurant and the two of them started to talk about lonely dreams. Going as beautiful butterflies to unknown lands. These lands were the work of the imagination. Their own imagination. Completely dissimilar to the astral worlds.

”How did you find out about the astral worlds?” The girl asked.

”I found out by pure experience and being logical about the whole event.”

”But the spiritual leaders say otherwise.”

”They do but they are not honest to themselves.”

”How come?”

”They are following an occult philosophy of transcendence. Knowing about the perils of the astral worlds but thinking things will change in the end.”

”Perhaps it does.” The girl said.

”It won’t.’ Astor Forsight said, ”The light they see is just a beautiful carpet pulled on their ignorant eyes. They will feel even worse in the end.”

Astor visited the astral worlds once again and some of the people were a bit different from before. They had started to think about their own lives. Caused by the discussion between Astor and the orbs.

Astor had projected an image of light and never lacked substance. He told them about the illusory feels and smells. Always resulting in spiritual degression but feeling quite different. The people in the astral worlds thought about the ghost hauntings close to the physical dimension. About the mind prisons. Getting free by help alone. But being trapped themselves.

”I will never become like the others.” Astor Forsight said to himself. ”To create my own worlds instead. Having an occasional visit. Because the dreams of pure individuals can create better worlds by positive energy.”

Astor made a thought-form by himself. Creating a belief in an imaginary world of blueish light. Changing perspective before sleep. To enter a ladder of enlightenment within himself.

He did it too. And he met an ascended master giving lessons of an unwordly kind. To visit a burning pond created by a loving thought-form. And he saw the truth of his yearning heart. A scenery of greenish nature beside a beautiful pond. This pond had the light of burning crystals. Being blue. Signaling peace and tranquility to Astor’s delight.

Astor was completely taken back. The thought-forms creating the celestial experience came from the bottom of his heart. But the actuality went beyond his surface mind. Created by his own belief system.

* * *

He returned to the curious girl he met at the restaurant earlier. They met and discussed the most magical things. Things lacking physical substance. The dreams of young imaginations. Like going by a flying car in the air. Like standing in pouring rain and feeling celestial winds. Like seeing blue rays of an descending sun. To enter the astral worlds as a married couple teaching about the failure of the current time.

Transforming reality as they went.

They arrived in the astral in the depths of their own sleep. Having a common key to meet up in the astral in a certain place. They met suffering families, intellectuals and travelers too. It was a disgrace. The astral shapes of the spirit beings were torn apart by anguish. Changed by the earlier visit. Astor and the curious girl explained the dark phenomena.

The families talked about a well needed rest after physical life. Astor didn’t agree. The families just followed an occult philosophy leading to death. Nobody could believe it at first. But they paid close attention to the observations of Astor’s developed science. And they thought again. Thinking logically about what they actually saw and felt.

The couple were invited to tasty dinners. To games in the open and the joy of a newborn child. The astral was the world of travels, art and philosophy but of the darkest kinds. And so the couple explained. Never too preach but giving freedom instead.

The spirits were thinking and as they had a new perspective the landscape transformed in their own delight. The houses torn apart by an invisible force. Celestial stars glowing brighter by pre-memorial design. This was the birth of another reality: A consensus among the families to arrive at truth.

And whisperings were heard around closed off corners. Spirits of the dead showing their true face to the world.

* * *

Moments passed as a ticking clock. Time was reversed. History moving backwards by a fast descent. Angels were falling from the skies. Black orbs merging with the thoughts of the mellow intruder. And they gasped for air and was taken away. Realizing the futility of their own doing. Abandoning evil for joy instead.

Astor and the curious girl left the families for a bright excursion. Towards the burning pond by themselves. Having an spiritual union. A silent marriage. Holding hands watching the blue water from a new angle. They kissed like a husband and wife among the green trees of Astor’s imagination. And they were taken away by the blueish light.


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