The Nature of Love

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A short article about the nature of love. Love for oneself and the quest to liberate others in their own light. Love not as a high ambition killing the depths of the heart. But a dark love, leading to bliss and happiness.

Submitted: November 26, 2015

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Submitted: November 26, 2015




\"zoneSo elusive. Love was something I always had, being a heartfelt mystery, to help without interference. To do without doing, to help but not without self-gain. But life was too hard. I lost my personal will for the benefit of others. I explored the darkness, the satanic impulse of the will, of individuality, leading to death and desperation, but still a kind of fulfillment. I started being unselfish, but unselfishness resulted in the will to power. The ambition to make others to a variant of myself. I saw it through. I started to get selfish once again. But this selfishness was not misdirected. Childhood dreams came up to the surface and I found another way. Individuality. Creativity. Passion. The scientific approach of understanding my initial desires. I kept my innocence, the will to liberate others, caught up in endless struggle. The path to love was the path of being myself, not to follow the will, not to have too good of an ambition, but to find the place in between. The realization of the nature of myself. Being pure love, coming from the heart but transcending it. Good ambition is the fake love of the christians, leading to the darkest kind of slavery, giving up yourself for the greater good. True love is something else entirely: It’s about balance. It’s about a heartfelt decision to work for the benefit of others, but not loosing the initial innocence of childhood. Your interest, your muse, your passion. An unselfish pursuit coloured in the manner of your own passion. Finding ways to help others but enjoying it too. Which surprisingly is the greater wisdom. This love leads to the liberation of others, because you are doing it not to control others, but to liberate them in your own light. Leading to their own pursuits, different from your own ones. I think my love came back when I realized what I actually wanted, what I was and how I liked to treat others. I was a dark priest. Then a saintly sinner. And now, just a happy individual fighting for innocence. True love has no dark side effects. It gives energy, it makes you happy, it makes you a better lover. A peaceful man or a warrior. A lover of nature or just a city man. False love makes you to the opposite of yourself.

It’s possible to go too far though. In love. Even in your own passions. So you settle down and wait around for the other day. Stress and too high of an ambition kills the depths of the heart. Evil may be the way. Evil to regain balance and take care of yourself.

I have experienced failures and success in the relationship with others. Watching the ember burn out in forced communication. Or in avoidance. Also watching love die when confronted with the belief of failure. All these fears… Love is a holy place of intimate contact, feeling the burdens and reliefs of others. The joys and the exhiliration. The individuals within. You adjust your methods according to the immediacy of the moment, being true to yourself, but changing approach as everything happens.

I think the way to love is the way of non-conformity.

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