The Veil of the Pentagram

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

"The Veil of the Pentagram" is about the fall of science and the birth of something new.

A pair of freethinkers discovers something unexpected, a truth about themselves, at first astonishing, later more logical.

They find it in the break between sentences: In the behavior looked down upon by others.

What if everything was upside down?


It hovered in empty space, suspended by space-time, in a hub of invisible forces. It was no ordinary asteroid. It had been floating in space for eons, undiscovered by science.

Trent and Amy climbed on the slippery rock. Now they were one with the celestial body, and the ice that was upon it.

The marvelous thing was that they ended up in this sector, far removed from earth, far away from the established colony.

Gravity existed, but it was very weak. They had to use fixtures anchored in the rock. When they found the pieces, they crawled over the rough surface to an icy area where they dug a cave in the ice. They would spend the night in the cave.

They lit a fire of glowing green energy fragments, which they acquired on the colony. These energy fragments got the white ice to shine, and revealed dirt particles.

What they found was what they expected: Different fragments of porous rock. Ice cubes with dirt particles. Scientists had long searched for the origins of life. They had explored worlds with organic life. This life was very similar to earth life: The same basic cellular structure. The same form of DNA, RNA, cell membranes... They no longer believed in the old theories about human specificity. It was believed in panspermia - that life on Earth and other colonies came from outside: From genetic material, although this would be simple in nature. The new theory was that this material came from celestial bodies that floated through space, plunged into the planets and made evolution possible…

* * *

Trent and Amy were freethinkers. They came from the same place, in terms of ideas. They had made ??it through science, philosophy, religion and metaphysics, but never to embrace something so fervently that they became the information.

What they discovered was that society was an information society. It was a war of ideas, which were contrary to each other, just as man was pitted against man in the wars that existed before. It was not the genes that ruled but the memes.

The next conquest was the conquest of life itself. People wanted to understand the cause of life, allowing them to create life in laboratories. Amy had realized that this was pointless. The cause of life was not found in space, but somewhere else. She realized this through conversations with Trent: Another rootless soul who sought for the sake of seeking.

The idea of ??panspermia was not poor in scientific terms: The fact was that the evidence was very convincing. Scientists had found signs of organic molecules in distant celestial bodies. They had seen astonishing similarities between life forms on the different planets. Evolution as such was a very slow process, and would naturally be accelerated by interstellar exchange. Trent, however, had discovered that there was a gross mistake in the usual theories: It was the scientific method itself. Not the facts that were presented, but the very idea that ??gathering of facts would lead to knowledge.

He realized that the world didn’t work as science claimed: That there was a physical world, that it followed specific laws, that one could deduce anything even by analyzing memories. So he postulated that something would be found in the distant asteroids. But the probability that this “something” would be the building blocks of life seemed to be near zero.

The journey to the asteroid took place in the freethinker’s initiative to liberate scientists from meaningless work and to make them focus on something else.

* * *

The night was still young; the couple was illuminated by the green light and some weak spots on the interstellar surface. Amy carved out ice cubes from the walls of the cave. Ice cubes to be sealed in plastic bags and then placed in special bins.

“I find it hard to believe that this won’t be crucial.” Trent said, “But we shouldn’t call it revolution, rather a counter-movement.”

“Yes. The end result of meme evolution is not truth. A survivor in the garden of thought is rather a parasite; an invading thought structure that takes control of the individual and makes him a carrier.”

“That’s why it’s so hard to believe in the end.” Trent said, “A thought structure that kills the carriers can’t survive.”

The freethinkers pulled together to dig out the last bits of rock. These would be sealed in plastic bags and later brought back to the colony.

* * *

The society of the colony was dissolving. Science had reached a point where it realized its own limitations. What followed was a fierce debate, argument made against counter-argument and the end result was conceptual indifference, a kind of throwback to something earlier, and chance took over.

Now the freethinkers journeyed to a remote cloud, a nebula of interstellar dust, where they thought stars were created.

They didn’t know why they made the trip. They felt that the search was life’s greatest adventure.

* * *

The ride in the spaceship was different from other trips they’d done before. Earlier travels had a clear purpose, a concrete goal. Now they had become accustomed to living in space. They ate well, they played games, had discussions about everything.

They were far away from the obvious and something else took over.

One evening they sat down and pondered when Trent became serious.

“What if the reason for this trip is different from what we think it is?” He said, “That we don’t want to search. That we’ve put all of this behind us.”

”What do you mean?”

“The fact that our so-called interest is the origin of something new: Maybe we’re moving away from ourselves and into another universe, quite literally?”

Amy didn’t watch her travel mate. She looked down at the table, busy counting vitamin pills at the side of a can.

“This isn’t something I pick out of my imagination.” Trent continued, “I’ve seen the sophistication of consciousness, realized that my true emotions, is a product of information I’ve nurtured at a deeper level.”

“I remember our adventures...” Amy said, but she was still preoccupied with the vitamin pills on the table.

“Maybe I’m in love.” Trent said abruptly.

“In love?” Amy said surprised, “In love with what?”

“That’s what I wonder about. In periods I’ve imagined I’m in love with you. But right now it comes and goes.”

Amy watched the young man with interest.

“I’m not in love with the person I see.” Trent continued, “Not in the person sitting next to me. It’s rather something that you could be but haven’t yet dared to express.”

Amy laughed. She’d grown accustomed to the freethinker’s strange quirks. His impulsiveness in moments when it least counted.

“Why are we here at all?” Trent asked, “We’re going to an unknown place just because it’s an unknown place. We don’t know what we’ll face. We don’t know if there are any secrets left to discover.”

“Maybe we do it because we can’t do something else?” Amy said, “Because we’ve come across the right information.”

“That’s what I’ve long believed. But I don’t want to think so.” Trent fidgeted.

“The basic reason is the feelings.” He said, “They want to do the most impractical thing. It’s therefore essential that the goal is extremely vague. That the intellect is protesting. The memes in society have led us to believe that this is pointless. And maybe it is pointless. But then the feelings win.”

Amy was thinking. She analyzed Trent’s claims to see beyond them and find the meaning.

“Yes, maybe.” Amy said, “And this is the reason you want me?”

Trent watched Amy with bright eyes.

“Yes, maybe. Just because you have a hidden side I’ve never explored.”

The couple broke up and went around the spaceship and engaged in pleasurable activities. Trent found a flower that needed water. He adjusted the ultraviolet light to improve photosynthesis. Amy stayed in the training room and did body movements. It wasn’t just to increase the strength of muscles. It was also to raise Chi, and get back to the natural energy flow.

Somewhere in the midst of it all, she began to think about what Trent had said. She had also been attracted. Attracted not due to the freethinking they’d shared, but rather by the clumsy: The fact that Trent didn’t think enough. That he had sudden conclusions. That he sometimes would go off to pee without hiding it.

She was attracted by the idea of the forbidden. On the trick her psyche played in moments she wasn’t really there.

They didn’t continue the discussion. They just touched upon the thought. They let themselves be carried away by everything that was inconvenient.

At last they began to suspect that they were onto something. They didn’t know if it was the “relationship”, the adventure or something else they’d actually left.

“I think it’s bigger than us.” Trent said. He sat in the training chair and pushed weights.

“How do you mean?”

“I mean that there’s information coming into us. The contemplation of the dust cloud, the ability we have to put everything aside. The search that is no more. This trip is something else.”

“Yes, maybe.”

“I suspect we’ll change and become something else. The attraction I felt for you only increases. You’re uninterested in my comments: Up in your own world of mathematics, the physical concerns and reluctance.”

Amy smiled.

“What’s important is that I continue.” Trent said, “That I let myself be carried away by a feeling I don’t know.”

“I think I’m starting to realize something about you.” Amy said, “The information I’ve carried have created a distance and prevented me from seeing your true nature. I’ve thought that you’ve led humanity forward: That our exploits have created entropy and led to some progress. But the chaos we’ve seen is just the beginning of something new: On a new arrangement of emotions and instincts: On a social order of unsuspected nature.”

“Do you talk about evil?”

“Yes, evil. Our “evil” is in fact the only good in our nature. What we’ve thought is good is in fact evil and vice versa.”

Trent pushed some more weights, but stopped and looked at Amy.

“Yes, maybe that’s why we didn’t feel anything for each other earlier.”

The couple went off to the table they were previously at, took some nerve stimulants and allowed themselves to be carried away.

“There’s no interstellar cloud.” Trent said, “The cloud is in ourselves. It’s an idea we nurtured on the ultimate adventure. But the adventure is here, right in front of us.”

Amy laughed. Trent took to a strange habit.

They regarded the interstellar cloud that stood out against the bright sky: A cloud in a cloud, as if they were in the birth chamber of the universe. Nothing was forbidden. The most “evil” idea dominated.

Finally, the pair ended up in bed but did nothing. They were preparing for the final destination: The cloud of information that they’d nurtured on the whole trip.

* * *

The social order of the colony began to stabilize. The faith in the old disappeared. The order followed a universal principle of emergence: When streamlined thought structures disappeared chaos vanished and a new order could be born.

The freethinkers were no longer freethinkers. They were scientists. They discovered that the origin of life was no mystery. The information was not out in space. It was at the colony and could be recovered by analyzing all the texts.

The true information was to negate all claims and think on the contrary.

A new science could be born.

The couple was united, had children and became messengers in the new era.



Submitted: October 08, 2013

© Copyright 2022 SoulWarrior123. All rights reserved.

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SR Tooms

I'm not sure if discovering such knowledge would be fascinating or entirely spooky... perhaps both!

Fri, November 1st, 2013 8:54am


Yeah. I agree. :)

Fri, November 1st, 2013 2:52am


Hi Andreas, your story is full of interesting ideas, but the ideas do tend to get in the way of the tale you are telling. And I couldn't help wanting to edit it, as well, which is not my place and I can't afford to do.

For example - my rewrite - Trent, however, had discovered a gross mistake in the usual theories".

You might find the program from the following site useful.

I regularly use it, as well as getting a friend to proofread my work.

Also, I wondered if you wrote your stories in Swedish first and then translated them (on line?). Because while your English is good, there are points where what it says is not what I think you mean. For instance, "Amy laughed. Trent took to a strange habit." I have no idea what Trent did.

Please take this as it was meant, to offer help and support. I really appreciated your comments. And feel free to block the comment if you don't want it under your story.

I did like your tale, and you are the most interesting writer and readable writer I have found to date on the several sites I have looked at.

Sat, November 21st, 2015 12:58pm


Hey Kathy,

I really appreciate your comments. Yes, you are right, I translated it from swedish for a english speaking readership. I think the strong point of my story is general content, the bad thing was that I should have made a rewrite to explain my concepts better to my readers. Look at this text as an intellectual experiment. The space-travelers are emotional at the core and behaves contrary to logic. That's why their behaviour is a bit "out there". That's also why they did found out about the secret. They are following a dark undercurrent in the subconscious resulting in a dark enlightenment. Other texts such as "Ideas" which I have put up on this site is completely different. That text was written in english to begin with and is more comprehensible. I really love your constructive feedback though. I might check out the site you are talking about in the future. Thanks. :)

Sat, November 21st, 2015 8:48am

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