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An article about the random "failure" of my latest romance/horror novella "The Fading Blue Sun And White Amber The Black Magician".

Submitted: March 23, 2017

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Submitted: March 23, 2017



Sometimes one can get crazy just looking at reader polls. On Februari 22, 2017 I submitted the last and final version of “The Legend Of The Fading Blue Sun And White Amber The Black Magician” on my blog. A magnum opus I’m extremely proud of myself. A bold and nightmarish horror story without any hint of a compromise.

Until February 22, 2017 I constantly had around 50 views/day on my homesite/blog. But the days to follow saw a constant decline. It went from around 50 views/day to around 10 views/day in a week.

I’m still proud of my story though. It is the darkest shit I ever have written. Building on a dark illusion to explain my deepest worries about the world. And it was built from the understanding I gained from my constant explorations of the physical world and the astral. Did I scare my readers shitless or was it just a random decline? One can just imagine Stanley Kubrick got the same reaction when he released his movie “A Clockwork Orange” to the general public. He had to pull the movie screenings down in the U.K after horrific copycat murders.

But this would be to misjudge the purpose of his film and also my own story. Explaining the greatest evil does not mean it is shown without any purpose. I view myself as a peacekeeper. A lone intellectual not afraid to point out the faults of the world and the human condition. And my “evil” is just about being factual, to the point. And not using darkness as a way to destroy my friendships or the world. I’m the complete opposite.

Darkness to me is not about being destructive in a real sense. It is about destruction of the wrong moral values, concepts and bad behaviours. Leading to death for my main character in Alien Forever: The Novel. But it was a death to destroy the threats to freedom and also to find a celestial future devoid of the errors of man. I have taken this concept very, very far as I have seen the benefits of constant revolt against the forces that have enslaved me and many others.

Doing “evil” in the purpose of the greatest good.

This is a fact I don’t know if any reader still have grasped fully at depth. But I always write with an uncompromising style. This is necessary to evoke the right amount of dread and horror to create an emotional reaction. I’m changing approach a bit as of this moment though. I have explored darkness to such depths I’m probably in a change of trajectory. When the old world fades a new land of missed opportunities arises from the burning ashes of the earth.

This will be more greatly revealed in my new novel Ascension. Exploring a territory not lacking destruction by being creative in its main aim.

Hopefully keeping my readers too.

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