Missing on the Mississippi

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Thought of it while i was on the bus. happened to have a paper and pen

Submitted: July 23, 2012

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Submitted: July 23, 2012






A world series was won

In the city of St. Louis

That didn’t stop the Cardinal directions

Or alter the seriousness of various sins

The world’s the same as it always has been

Always rotating, never evolving

This fact is a given

How am I doing?

Me, I’m questioning the point of living

Might as well harvest the Garden of Eden

A truth is a lie in a certain situation

Even God can’t tell the deference between them

If you realized this

You’d have already reached salvation

It’s not about deceiving yourself

It’s about everybody else’s opinions



There’s no hope for the dream

You suffered last night

So choose, is it or a left or a right?

Please hurry, it’s either never or soon

Without wind a kite can't fly

Can’t wish upon a star or a full moon

The bell won’t wait for you

Not during dawn or a quarter to noon

Cause even the angels eventually fell

As the world rotates

We all stand still

No one is perfect

Don’t forget about hell

There’s one truth about life

Coins will always be tossed in wishing wells





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