Armour that becomes more effective the uglier the wearer.

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The armour is the strongest when the soldier is the ugliest.

Submitted: April 18, 2019

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Submitted: April 18, 2019



Armour that becomes more effective the uglier the wearer

The King of Win island was astonished and in a way was confounded, when he received the news of the defeat of his numerically far superior army than the enemy's which was relatively small and less equipped.

The King not able to digest the defeat of his army for the first time by the army of the Bogo island, again sent for his messenger who informed him about the defeat of his army.

The messenger was standing there trembling.

"Hey you ... How did it happen when our army was thrice bigger than them with advanced and new tools of fighting?"


" Have you seen anything abnormal in their army during the fight between them and ours?"

"They were lesser in number ...but the moment any of their soldiers advanced towards our army, our soldiers simply fled and thoroughly dismembered by making hues and cries within minutes.I was really surprised to see it."

"What could be the reason?Had they possessed any new and modern weapons?"

"No, but it seemed the armour they were wearing was shining more than ours and they guarded them more effectively than ours."

"So what? We too provide new armour to our soldiers then and there when the old ones become obsolete.There is nothing unusual about it.Anything else?"

"Another feature that I observed may sound ridiculous to you."

"Come on tell me about it.Nothing should go unnoticed and escape my attention.Just tell me about it.Otherwise you may fail in your duty."

"My lord, far as my knowledge goes, a soldier who advanced towards our army looked the ugliest I had ever seen in my life and the moment our soldiers saw that ugliest face,they were taken aback in the result of which they were thoroughly dismembered and fled in all directions.Perhaps this could be the reason that proved fatal to the defeat of our army."

"It's quite strange.I had never come across nor I expected this sort of tactics from the enemy camp."

"I have one more strange news for you."

"Come on,tell me about it."

"Ever since they defeated our army using this tactics as a strategy, they began recruiting only the ugliest faces in their army,in particular the new recruits should have not less than ten deep cut wounds and scars in their faces and they should cause an instant frown on the recruiter and the fellow with those scars automatically gets selected."

The King of Win island was now in a dilemma how to tackle the new recruitment policy of the Bogo island and to regain his lost prestige from his recent defeat his army sustained at their hands.

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