I am not satisfied with what I am.!

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I am not satisfied with what I am.

Submitted: April 27, 2019

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Submitted: April 27, 2019



I am not satisfied with what I am!


Of late I am worried about being too lean. The constitution of my body is such. My father and grandfather were too lean. Hence I am too. Perhaps, it is a hereditary factor.

I was only 2.2 kg when I was born, but to the dismay of doctors, I was hale and healthy, despite being underweight. As I grew up, my mother had a regular watch over my body and carefully saw that I never remained undernourished.

When I was admitted into a school, I was rather careful enough to see that I never got undressed for fear of being called a skeleton. Even then I looked so lean. I got acclimatized for what I was. When years rolled by I stopped worrying for being lean.

When I was twenty-five, my parents decided to seek a suitable bride for me, with fervent hope, that my lean body might change after my marriage. But it was not that much easy. Our hunt for a bride over a period of five years repeatedly ended in failures just because I was too lean to get married. Finally, we managed to get a bride, who was also so lean and my marriage took place in a temple rather simply.

However, when I got married, my issue of being lean surfaced again. During my first night, my wife simply frowned at my lean body. I convinced her somehow and at last, my marriage was consummated.  I also had a lengthy discussion with my wife in the result of which, we decided to consult a specialist to beef up my body at least to a reasonable extent.

Then she conveyed our decision to our family members, including her parents, her close friends, and of course my mother. My mother did not say anything. In fact, my wife stepped into her shoes to worry about my lean body.

Finally, we managed to fix an appointment with a specialist doctor. Meanwhile, being more concerned about my lean body, she was more careful to nourish me with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items. It was a terrible experience. I had to swallow many things as nourishment hitherto I had not come across in my life, all with a fervent hope that my lean body would get beefed up at least to some extent. Those ten days was really a nightmare.

Finally, the appointed day came for consulting the specialist physician. There was a heavy rush in the consulting room. We waited for almost an hour. When my turn came I was called upon and we were ushered into the consulting room. We remained silent for some time. It was my wife who broke the ice.

'Doctor, my husband looks so lean. He looks almost like a skeleton. He must be beefed up at any cost.'

'Does he suffer from any complaint such as tuberculosis or diabetes or hypertension?'

'No, no, he is very hale and healthy. He is just in his 30s,'

'Is he a vegetarian or non-vegetarian?'

'Non-vegetarian.Of course, he consumes, meat, chicken, fish, and everything.'

'Does he take them frequently?'

'At least thrice in a week.'

'I see. Does he consume vegetables?'

'Nothing is unpalatable to him'

'Milk products?'

'Of course.'

'Does he smoke or consume alcohol"

'He is a teetotaler.'

'Then, what can I do for you?'

'Doctor, he is so lean and very horrible to look at. I am not satisfied with what he is. Somehow or other he must be beefed up so as to present a decent and good looking personality.'

Then the doctor asked me:

'Do you suffer from any other decease such as stomach ailment or chest pain or gas trouble etc?'

'No, doctor. I don't have any such complaints.'

'Then, you must undergo a master health checkup that includes a general X-ray, a complete scan of your body and other lab tests involving your blood, urine, etc. In addition, you have to undergo a few more medical tests also'

'He is ready for every test doctor.' my wife was rather anxious.

'It may cost a few thousands of rupees. Can you afford to pay?'

'Sure, doctor'

After subjecting me to all the available medical tests, the doctor advised us to come after ten days for getting results.

After ten days we went again.

The doctor carefully went through all the reports. Then he heaved a sigh of relief.

'You are perfectly alright. All your medical reports are normal'

'No, doctor, still I am not satisfied with his lean structure. Please do something to improve it. After all, we have spent so much.'

'Ok, then I will prescribe some medicines. Mostly they are tonics and vitamin tablets. Let him have them for three months. Then let us see.'

'Will he improve after three months? Can you give a guarantee?'

'No, No, I cannot. I am just prescribing all these things only for your satisfaction.'

‘What do you mean, doctor?’

''I mean what I mean. Whatever he eats or whatever he takes as medicine, his body will remain the same forever.'


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