Never love a party man!

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She loved the cherished principles of her party than him.

Submitted: April 19, 2019

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Submitted: April 19, 2019



Never love a party man!

We were in the same political party,when she fell in love with me.We had the blessings of our party leader and we got married rather lavishly in his presence.But during the marriage itself, I had a number of overtures from a girl who was a stranger to me.

It was my bad luck I responded to some of her mails.Very soon I crossed over to that popular political party where I was appointed to a higher party post which I could never dream of.I had an avalanche of income pouring in,had a number of friends who hailed from high societies and above all that young girl friend who was ever ready to do anything for me.Under my leadership our party won a by election from a constituency that had never been won by our party for the past twenty five years.My reputation in the party soared like anything and I became one of the top contenders for the party vice president post.

However,occasionally I could see my wife still remained in the same party where we had been,but she was still lovely and didn't get divorced or remarried just because I had forsaken her.Whenever our eyes met even at a distance,I could realize that we both were longing for each other.It simply haunted me.But I was in a different plane and I could never scoop down to her risking my eminent position in my party.

But despite being a topper in my party with a very good reputation and command over my party men,I still could not forget her real love.Hence I tried my best to win her over again.I sent my mediators to woo her to my party.

In a couple of days,I had a surprise awaiting for me.She wanted to meet me in a neutral venue.We met.

We were staring at each other for a couple of minutes.

"Swapna,how are you?How is your life going?"

"I am fine.But you seemed to have lost everything for your cause.Am I right?"

"You see my position in my party is heavy strong and unassailable.Do you know I am one among the top five men in the party and I am a strong contender for the post of Vice-President.But still I realized I was lacking in something and dearly missing something,I mean I missed your true love.Therefore,I had decided to regain it.That's why I invited you.My dear love,I dearly miss you,I want you.In fact I can't miss you or lose you.Will you please join my party?I promise you and I will see that you have a bright future here.What do you say?"

"My dear Ram,I know how much you love me and long for me.I too still have that old craze for you.But I believe in the cherished principles of my party which I held in high esteem and I consider everything other than that is simply secondary.Above all I am satisfied with what I have in my party and I don't want to be at the mercy of anybody whoever he may be.Bye Ram.I have got so many pending works.Perhaps we may never meet hereafter."

Swapna quit the room gently.

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