Status Conscious People

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People who are status conscious never think about their past.They are more concerned with their present life only.

Status Conscious People
'Hello, I am Chandy, popularly known as Chandiyar. I have come to this specialty hospital for a possible liver surgery, if not a liver transplantation. I got admitted to this special ward only today. You seem to be in your post-70s.May I know about you? After all, you are my neighbor in this ward."
"I am Jay. People used to call me Jaypal once. I have also come here for a liver surgery perhaps in a week or so. I am from St Thomas Mount, Chennai. Where are you from?" 
Meanwhile, people are coming and going after getting his signature in their important files.  Perhaps Jay is very busy and a VIP.
"I am from Vellore," said Chandy.  He too was very busy speaking over his mobile phone frequently and issuing directions and instructions to his company staff. 
"What are you doing now?" asked Jay.
"I am an entrepreneur; stockbroker. My business is trading in the stock market. What about you?" 
"I am an educationist, philanthropist, and as its chairman, I am running an Engineering college. Don't you know PSR Engineering College in Chennai? It is reputed and holds the Fourth rank among the Tamil Nadu Engineering colleges.....hmm. But something tells me you are not a stranger but a known person and very familiar to me."
"I too have the same feeling." 
"Have you ever been to Chennai, recently or some years ago?"
"Yes,” In a low voice he said, ” it was several years ago perhaps some forty years ago."
"Come on, tell me. Had you been Chennai 40 years ago?" 
"Yes, I had been. But it was for a different purpose." 
"Yes, I got it. You were that Chandy... I can recall it now. We had been mostly toping together in the same cell undergoing rigorous imprisonment for 5 years, in the Central Jail, Chennai for the illicit brewing of alcohol. We had stocked plenty of alcohol in our cell with the support and blessings of the jailor of the Central jail. My goodness, you have become a stockbroker and entrepreneur from what you had earned from your illegal business. Now it seems you are economically sound enjoying a high status in the society." 
"Yes, you are right JP ...You were called in that nickname, wasn't it? I could identify you the moment I saw you. But we are in a special ward and people are watching us closely. That's why I somewhat maintained a low key profile... You too have become an educationist and philanthropist etc from your illegally gotten wealth. Wasn't it?'"
"Chandy, speak in a low voice. People who hear us may have a very low opinion of us. After all, both of us being rich and well settled, we enjoy a very good status in the society. Let us not get our image tarnished. Let us forget about our past, and behave ourselves befitting our present status in the society. Ok?"
"Ok, JP, I am sorry ok Jay."

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