A World Without Socialism

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This is my opinion on the concept of Socialism in politics.

Submitted: January 15, 2013

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Submitted: January 15, 2013



We live in a world where the economic situation is becoming ever worse, for every individual in society. The poor are the ones hit the worst in the current climate. With no jobs, the average family in many Western nations are struggling, with electricity bills, food costs, living costs and the list goes on. And then there is a sick facade that decieves the common man. A facade that some call left-wing, Labour, Democrats, etc. The name changes but the values stay the same. Ultimately this evil element to society that must genuinely be destroyed is called Socialism. Socialism is dysfunctional and aims to destroy Capitalism, which is essentially why society still functions today. The basic value that drives socialism is the value of trying to limit the maximum capacity that one can make. This is seen in many countries. Currently in year 2013 France has a socialist government, led by the great hypocrite Francois Hollande. There is a tax rate of 75% there for anyone earning over one million euros! Why is this! Why is this so? Why limit one category in society, persecute them financially to "solve the countries debts" as Hollande puts it. Disgusting! Those individuals earned their money and governments have no right to set their filthy hands on it excessively! That is socialism! That is what socialism truly is. Socialism is made by the corporate leader for his own gain. He puts heavy burden on prospering financial enemies so that his own busniess profits! No. Socialism will not cure the worlds economic problem. But there is another solution. Thats solution is already present, but we as individuals simply need to embrace it and let it set us free. That solution is Capitalism. The more you work, the more you get. We must eliminate this attitude that just because a corporation earns a lot of money that corporation is "greedy"-that corporation worked for its money! It built its business from the ground and out. Every individual should have a chance to build their business to the absolute limit that fate will take them, not be taxed to death! Stop the financial persecution of the wealth creators in socialist countries and accept the fact that corporations and big businessmen are rich because they worked for it! End this disgusting inhumane jelousy and let us embrace Capitalism to solve the worlds problems!

Victory are to those who battle! Create a better world! Embrace Capitalism and lower tax for everyone!

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