NEVER Made for each other

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

ALLIANA JONES......She is a kind of girl seeking happiness in friends, food, shopping and basketball.She is a kind of girl who still believes in the world of fairy tales....far from all blood, destruction and hate. Far from all criminal and evil minded people, she lives in a world filled only with love. But life had planned something more for her. She lost her parents and landed into a life she is not even aware of.

AARON SANFORD...… He is the second in command of one of the most powerful gang in Sterling.He is the man any girl would die for. But far from love or lust he has a desire to be on top, to be in power. And for this he can destroy anyone in a blink of eye who comes in his path.

But when there lives crash everything changes. In her simple and uneventful life there comes a crave for danger and in his desire for power there comes a passion for love.....

Table of Contents


ALLIANA'S POV "Tommorow will be the first day in a new school, in a complete new enviornment, sorroundings, and new set of annoying p... Read Chapter

The gift of Bentley

CHAPTER 2:  The gift of Bentley ALLIANA’ POV Today is going to be epic. I am literally not saying or adding it from my s... Read Chapter