Are You ready? Cause I am

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Empty Pockets full of Dreams

Submitted: February 17, 2011

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Submitted: February 17, 2011



About 8 hours of sleep ahead.

Plenty of drinks and plenty of smokes.

No suicide bombers tonight, not here.

I´m so heavy hearted but

I´m so guarded.

Tonight it´s not my night.

Maybe tomorrow?

Maybe not.

Maybe there are still some more poems of me that have to come out.

Maybe there is still some more color that has to be put on canvas.

Maybe I´ll have to walk across a street on a crowded date in order to save someones live for just a few hours more.

If that would have been all my purpose?

So let it be.

But there is one thing I know for sure.

I know it,

I just know it

There will be this night or this day,

when death will tremble to take me.

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