Awake, asleep & ALIVE

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Empty Pockets full of Dreams

Submitted: February 13, 2011

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Submitted: February 13, 2011



Since when have we replaced God with this thing called Market?

Since when have we replaced churches with shopping malls?

Since when have we replaced being a good person with "look at this stupid idiot, still running away from the real deal"?

Since when have we replaced culture with the most "successful" celebrities count down?

Since when.......... and the list goes on and on and on.

I think I have a slight clue when it happened!

I think it happened when the shit they smeared over our eyes and around our brains became thick enough to even pay for it.

We bought their shit.

Out of fear, out of doubt, out of searching for some kind of real happiness, out of envy and out of greed.

Is that what we really want. Is the thing we all are looking for really what they want us to desire?

Or is there some hope left, some little spark of goodness in us?

I don´t know and meanwhile I don´t care anylonger.

The only thing I haven´t given up yet is dreaming.

Is looking for a way out.

Is searching for my freedom.

My independence.

My nonchalance.


I still keep looking for that person that has what I want in order to ask: How did you get it? So maybe I could get it too.

I haven´t found one single person like that yet,

not in almost 42 years,

but I´ll seek after for that one.

I´ll be on watch.





still ALIVE

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