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Empty Pockets full of Dreams

Submitted: February 10, 2011

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Submitted: February 10, 2011



Let´s say you got stranded,

for whatever reason.

Let´s say you got stranded in Miami.

Let´s say you are in South Beach.

Let´s say you somehow have no idea how you got there but you really need something to smoke.

Being stranded means no money at all of course.

You´re too proud of just asking someone for a cigarette

but you are not too proud of picking up something from the floor.

Walk up and down Lincoln.

The store clerks go outside for a smoke and toss away their half smoked cigarettes.

People throw their cigarettes away entering Starbucks and other shops.

You may find some Cadillacs, burning cigarettes where there is still three quarters left to smoke.

After 5 o´clock walk up and down the beach, people just

put out their butts in the sand.

Go through all the dumpsters.

The chances someone just decided to quit smoking are not too bad either.

You will find full packs of smoke, sometimes even with a lighter.

By the way, to have a lighter is great when you go through the dumpsters at night.

On ocean drive you will find plenty to smoke too, even real good cigars.

You just need to walk with your eyes open and being focused on the ground.

Get yourself a box where you can put all those cigarette butts.

Sometimes they are wet, so you can wait for them to be dry.

At night then, you walk Ocean Drive up, Collins down, Washington up and Lincoln up and down to wherever you will sleep and I promise you that

You´ll have smoked, that you´re still smoking and that you´ll have enough to smoke to get you through the night.

You´ll eat, and you´ll eat good, you´ll get drunk, you´ll find new clothes, condoms, shoes maybe

and the chance

that you will find at least one dollar seventy to buy you a pack of cigars for the next day

is pretty good.

"Smoking Kills"?

Hey, it kept me alive and walking for six monthts.

South Beach Miami.

I still don´t know why I´ve got there


I got out of there,

and from this time on I´m smoking Menthols.


Cause I´m proud having been too proud to ask someone for a fucking smoke.

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