Missing teeth

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Empty Pockets full of Dreams

Missing teeth

This morning 6:55 like
almost every morning on
Ocean-drive & 14th
public bathroom opens at 7am
I was first cause first means clean
I sat down, prepared the paper
when a voice screamed
"Gotta get out, it's raining"
they close by rain cause they don't want to have
the bums camping in there
I yelled back "two minutes".
When I left I saw this black dude with his cart
arguing with the woman the voice came from
while she closed the shutters he cursed her out
understandable when you need to go.
The day passed by and around 8pm
I was sitting on a concrete bench right by
Starbucks he came towards me and sat down
right next to me.
"Have you seen this black chick from Haiti?"
I said "The crazy one with the reddish blond hair?"
ha said "YES".
I told him that she usually comes later but better
to stay away from women living in the streets
they are all cuckoo.
"I'm an Artist. I paint & write"
"Yeah" he replied, "Well I'm a fucker, I fuck" and
he stretched his right pant leg and I could see
the shape of his horse-dick.
"You see that? That's what they like and that's what she'll
get tonight, cuckoo my ass."
He told me about his wife and him raising five kids
and that she passed away from bone cancer
which was the reason that he has been living
now since eighteen years
in the streets & some more blah, blah, blah.
Asshole. He was missing his front teeth.
I guessed he sucked his own dick a
couple of times too many.
I said "I hope you'll find her" and went for some drinks
through the garbage cans on Ocean-drive.
Two mojitos, rum & coke, three different beers
a pack of Marlboro Lights with 14 cigarettes left
and a nice almost complete cigar
on the way back I filled a big Gatorade bottle with
all kinds of Wet Willies ate some Chicken Wings
a slice of Pizza, drank my "Gatorade" and found another cigar.
Around 11 pm I arrived back at the bench
and I saw them
his cart parked aside
sleeping on another concrete bench
all by themselves
him and his horse-dick.

Submitted: February 07, 2010

© Copyright 2021 sowosamma25. All rights reserved.

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