Something beatiful is on its way

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Empty Pockets full of Dreams

Submitted: February 01, 2011

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Submitted: February 01, 2011



I´m reaching out for the ones

the ones that haven´t bent over yet

the ones with dreams, fears and a vision

of what´s good.

I´m running away from the ones

the ones that make rules

the ones with the wrong intentions

of what´s good.

I breathe in and

I breathe out.

4 seconds of this life passed now.

Nothing happened here but

somewhere something happened for sure.

I still haven´t given up in the belief that all we and they are searching for

is just a quest to discover love

the real love.

Not the love that makes you feel great for a while.

Not the love that makes you scream there for an instant.

Not the love that makes us breed, rise and moan about the death of other human beings.

Real love,

the love that conquers all.

The question of eternity,

together with your other half




God created.



and always will be



the G

is us

G´s US


the K(ey) is 11

Give the G the K(ey)

to the kingdom coming.

And all and everyone will be in paradise.

For some reasons they are still in disguise.

Why? What for?

I don´t know.

I just know that it will be beautiful.

That´s all I know.

Ever knew,

so how do you do?


You are a lucky ONE

Cause bad means sad, mad and on the verge to a better future.

A future without them,

without the ones that steal your breath

for them the only option is death.

But you are alive,

I know it hurts so bad,

and you think you´re mad

and feel so sad.

The last ones will be first

enjoy the worst

something beautiful is on it´s way

and it will be for you

the fighter,

the enemy,

the one with the clearest view.

We´re just a few

but it is you, yeah you

and you too, U2.

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