This Is My Utopia

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Empty Pockets full of Dreams

Submitted: February 26, 2011

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Submitted: February 26, 2011



I think our lives, past, present and future,

are just  journeys,

in order to collect as many wishes, experiences,

fears, hopes and dreams in order to create our own world afterwards.


The promised land!

After you´ve climbed the mountain.

Some may be still far down at the bottom,

others almost at the top,

but sooner or later everyone will get there.

So be careful of what you think that will make you happy.

Be careful of what you desire to find perfect satisfaction.

I don´t know much but I know that money won´t do it.

Fame, success and drugs neither.

Giving everything, sharing and trying to make others happy will do the job.

The sooner you´ll understand to let go,

the earlier you´ll get your own heaven.

Don´t listen to the ones who supposedly made it or have it or got it.

Listen to the big ones.

The ones who gave their lives.

Dead bodies but their spirits alive.

You´ll find your answer,

not in their lines but between.

Someone who says: "Let me help you" is just someone trying to push you down the mountain.

A good one will just help you,

with no self-interest.

Will never let you crawl.

No strings attached.

He´ll just let you fall.

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